4 thoughts on “Wet.”

  1. Eugh, yes, does look a bit damp where you are. You have so many trees near you, though, judging by your photo, and I love the smell of wet woodland right after the rain. What happened to the varnish through the middle of your fence? The rain didn’t wash it away?!

  2. Polly, the rain is coming down slowly and at a weird angle so the top part of the fence posts aren’t getting wet. That’s part of the reason that I took this photo. Usually everything is covered with rain, but today is different. Kind of weird, huh?

  3. Cold and clear here with talk of snow. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets and Mt. Rainier out in all its glory. However, we get plenty of wet, so we’re taking it—with no guilt. :)

  4. Margaret, I think that where you live is pretty regardless of rain and gray skies. You have mountains and the ocean; we have soggy hills and mucky rivers! Not the same at all.

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