It Was Quite An Experience, But The Results Are Wonderful

Here’s a photo update of our landscape project that I named, The Big Dig.  Simply put: late last summer & early fall we had a portion of our wooded backyard transformed into a terraced sitting area.  This project was messy + stressful + expensive.

[Want to know more about The Big Dig?  For a bit of background information, start here: Talking Dirt.  For photos and explanation of the process, go here: We’re Investing In Dirt.  Then here: A Garden Wall Worthy Of Fred & Wilma.  And then finally, here: We Have A Backyard.]

Because the weather last fall was so wet and ridiculous, the landscapers were never able to completely finish the project.  So last week they returned for 3 days to finish edging and mulching around The Big Dig.  And, damn, does it look wonderful.

~ ~ ~

{ view from deck }

~ ~ ~ 

{ steps from the deck to the yard }

~ ~ ~

{ new backyard area under trees }

~ ~ ~

{ standing in new backyard area looking over toward terraced area }

~ ~ ~ 

{ standing in the yard looking at the new terraced area }

~ ~ ~ 

{ signs of things to come }

~ ~ ~ 

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12 thoughts on “It Was Quite An Experience, But The Results Are Wonderful”

    1. Thanks x 2. This was a onetime event. As you know, my days as a Horticulture & Landscape Project Manager are over. Talk about stressful…

    1. Polly, it’s that “just in time for spring” aspect of this project that is making me so very happy. We’re going to enjoy our new backyard space.

  1. I can hardly wait to see it in full bloom! I really like the flow of the beds, no straight lines and rigid corners. It’s going to look wonderful.

    1. Zazzy, I like all that curviness, too. None of our planting beds are linear, which adds softness around the house. It’s an inviting look that makes the whole property appear more friendly and casual.

  2. What a difference from before. It doesn’t look like the same backyard! You will definitely use this space now. Gorgeous!

    1. A park named after me! That’s a great idea. I could post hours– and have fairs and concerts there. With banners. There’d need to be lots of banners because around here, it’s not a city park if there aren’t any annoying, tattered banners in it.

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