13 thoughts on “Christmas In April.”

  1. Who’d of thought that a cheap little poinsettia purchased in late November from Lowe’s would STILL be flowering and growing in April?!! Looks pretty on the kitchen table, but… kind of weird, too.

  2. Amazing! Especially since most poinsettia plants you buy around Christmas don’t even have roots, they’re just lopped off flowers stuck in soil. Good plant, there! I’m curious to see how long it will keep flowering and if it will flower again next autumn.

  3. I don’t have any luck with poinsettias either. We bought two this Christmas, I gave one to my dad as it wasn’t thriving under my care, but the other is still with us, if only just.

  4. How have you pulled this off when the flowers I literally just planted by my mailbox are already dead in spite of my careful attention to them?! Wow you’re amazing! And I love the PG Wodehouse quote you have. I don’t find many who love him the way I do!

    1. Thanks for the compliment, but I don’t believe that I’m all that amazing. This poinsettia is clearly an aberration put into my life to ruin my previously untarnished record of killing them by January 31st!

      And I agree, Wodehouse is hilarious. Nothing better than Jeeves & Bertie to lift a person’s spirits.

      Thanks for stopping by & commenting.

  5. Lovely poinsettia and it’s still alive in April. When it becomes weary from cabin fever, plant it in the yard and it will grow. Or maybe that’s only in Texas (with our beautiful climates).

    1. Betty, I think that I could plant this poinsettia in a pot outside during the summer, but if I it put into the ground our clay soil/cold nights would do it in. Still, we’re assuming that I won’t do it in before it comes time to plant it. :-)

  6. I just threw my poinsettia out! It was doing fine until a a few weeks ago. I’ve never had one last as long! Maybe they got a hardy crop of them this year. ;)

    1. Margaret, I think that you’re right that there must of been an usually hardy crop of them this year. I doubt that it’s my green thumb that’s keeping it alive.

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