My Cat: Birthday Girl OR Conspiracy Theorist?

I was 15 3/4 years old & Cally Cat was 2 years old when my mother snapped this photo of us standing in our kitchen.  These details I know because Mom wrote them on the back of the photo.  God bless those who do such things because I’d  never remember those sorts of details.

Putting aside how tired I look, the first thing that struck me about this photo is how very wingnutty my cat looks in the finely crafted aluminium foil crown that I made for her birthday.  Who knew that by 2012 this style of hat would become the symbol of conspiracy theorist everywhere?

I didn’t, of course.  But maybe Cally Cat did.  She was always a less-than-friendly cat with a tendency toward paranoia.  [Which was probably somewhat justified considering that my mother did accidentally drive the car over her about six months before this photo was taken.]


Upon finding this photo I did a quick Google search of foil hats– and discovered myself in a whole new world of wackiness.  So without further babble I give you, my gentle readers, some delightful links that will entertain and tell you about a topic that I’m guessing you’ve never really thought about before.  [Unless you’re a conspiracy theorist, in which case these links are all old hat to you.  ;-)]

::  A song about foil hats: “I’ve Got My Tin Foil Hat On” sung by Sylvia & Emmeline Spankhurts.

::  An explanation of what a foil hat is really all about:  “Propoganda [sic] designed to cover up a massive government conspiracy.

::  An article discussing the efficacy of foil hats:  “Do tinfoil helmets provide adequate protection against mind control rays?

::  A definition of a foil tiara: “A tiara or crown that one makes from tinfoil/aluminium foil for play when one lives in a trailer in the hood.

::  An academic treatise about the need for foil hats: “On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study.


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13 thoughts on “My Cat: Birthday Girl OR Conspiracy Theorist?”

  1. Wasn’t it soon after this photo that you were dancing with Cally Cat and messed your knee up royally? Conspiracy??

      1. No, wait a minute. It was the January before this photo was taken. Because I was on crutches when Mom ran over Cally so I couldn’t help look for her in the neighbor’s bushes.

        1. I remember that picture….I may have been at your house on that day! The cat was a part of the messed up knee!

          1. Ruth, Cally Cat had a way of causing trouble wherever she went. I’m surprised that I got hold of her long enough to put a hat on her and then pose with her in a photo.

    1. Zazzy, my childhood stories are kind of different. Nothing awful, but never quite right. Filled with laughter, except when there wasn’t any. [Nice evasive answer, eh?]

    1. philosophermouse, oh yes, it was a survival technique. She was more feral than domesticated. We took her into our house– and she annoyed or entertained us in about equal parts! Everyone who ever met her, remembered her.

  2. HA! Those are hilarious. I love how the writer of one story very wisely points out that the foil hat INCREASES the government’s ability to brainwash you. I mean, who could possibly not know that? Duh!

    1. J, I’m glad that you checked out the links. I was laughing more and more as I read through them. I had no idea that I’d find anything about foil hats, let alone all these different points of view… one by students at MIT even! Too weird.

  3. Love photos and stories from childhood. I don’t tell many on my blog and it’s a good idea to capture some of them. Hmmm.

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