My Weekend Summarized Into Two Sentences

 When asked what color they stained their deck, she replied:

“It’s a color called– NOT THE ONE I PICKED OUT.”

 While in the process of staining the deck when asked by her husband where she was going, she replied:

“I’ll be back.  I just need to change my clothes– BECAUSE I HAVE TOO MANY SPLINTERS IN MY BUTT.” 

… So how was everyone else’s weekend.  Did we have fun?

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{Photos added 05.22.12 for Margaret… because she asked.}

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{Please Note: the deck color that you see here is a warm pearl gray instead of a light golden oak as originally planned.  Fortunately our bricks have a gray undertone in them + our siding is SW Agreeable Gray so this “NOT THE ONE I PICKED OUT” color coordinates just fine.  No harm done, really.  In fact, Z-D really likes it so maybe it was meant to be.}

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18 thoughts on “My Weekend Summarized Into Two Sentences”

    1. Mike, what fun! I’ve only been to NYC once & enjoyed what I saw of it. As I recall, I, too, encountered no splinters while I was there. ;-)

    1. Yes Zazzy it did. We haven’t picked out our new deck furniture so we’ll just buy a different color of furniture than I was originally planning to purchase– and all will be well. But talk about a surprise!

  1. It may have been a mistake but I think that color looks good against the greens of the grass, plants, and trees.

    Oh, and when staining a deck, if you don’t scoot around on your butt you won’t get splinters. :)

  2. Love the color–when it weathers, it will blend better. I find gray a very soothing color. My carpets are gray–warmed up with lots of other colors.

    1. Thanks Margaret. We like the color now that it’s here. But when I first realized that the guy at Lowe’s had given us the color on the chart next to the color that we asked for I was flummoxed. Now I just think of it as a happy accident.

    1. Relyn, thanks. Our deck is looking good– even if this wasn’t quite what I had in mind. Kind of wonderful how it all turned out.

  3. Here are my two sentences: scorching hot; and we went to Disneyland Paris! I think we probably had more fun than you did – no splinters here either.

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