Blessed Are The Free Spirits…

~ ~ • ~ ~

~ ~ • ~ ~

… For They Shall Bloom Where They Find Themselves

[Even When They’re Not Meant To Be There]


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16 thoughts on “Blessed Are The Free Spirits…”

  1. This comment is really for your story about the pretty potted plant. Great story and I love the way you wrote it. Very well done.

  2. These are such beautiful flowers. We planted a great many, several dozen, marigolds this year as they usually last into October and provide a lovely warm, vibrant colour to the garden. Unfortunately we have had a great many weeks of heavy rain and most of everything we planted got washed away. Beautiful pictures.

    1. Polly, I like flowers but have to admit that I’ve never, ever gotten marigolds to grow. I’m sorry to hear that yours got washed away. They are so pretty. Maybe next year, eh?

  3. I like the metaphor and, even though they’re really very pretty, I like how the droopy daisies look so sad – like maybe they’re bored with their sameness. And Mr. Happy Yellow Daisy looks so thrilled and “look at me! look at me!” Not at all worried about being not like the others.

    1. Zazzy, you’ve explained these photos so well. When I saw this one nonconformist flower mixed into the middle of the other group, I couldn’t help but admire it. So naturally I had to post about it here. Being a free spirit & all.

    1. So true, Margaret. I thought that after our long summer drought a few years ago all of the yellow flowers had died out. We replanted the area in the purple flowers, but apparently one yellow flower has found its way back into the garden. Such a hardy soul!

  4. So are the other flowers sucking all of the water up? I’m feeling badly for that poor purple one in the middle there.

    1. Good question. I think that they’re all getting enough water. I think it’s that the yellow one somehow survived for a few summers mixed in with the purple ones & we’re just now noticing it. There are no other yellow ones planted in this bed, so this yellow fellow is just showing off his free-spirited nature by being in the middle.

    1. Thanks. I was so amused & charmed by this yellow flower that I just had to share it with the world. ‘Tis what blogging is all about, eh?

    1. Thanks Relyn. Small things in life always catch my eye. Don’t know why I’m like that, but I’ve always been that way. Makes for some interesting days– and occasionally interesting blog posts.

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