Sunday Afternoon In The Sculpture Park

[Even though I said that I was only going to post to my blog once a week this summer, I’m going to disregard my plan and turn this adventure into two parts.  Today – the SCULPTURE part of the park.  Tomorrow – the PARK part of the park.]

Last weekend we went to Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park.  We’ve been there at other times of year, but we’ve never managed to see it in the summer.  Misplaced priorities, I do believe.

If you’ve never been to an outdoor art museum with oversized sculptures juxtaposed against nature, it is a fascinating way to spend an afternoon.  Even more so when nature is putting on a perfect summertime show of green hills, blue skies & white cumulus clouds.  Very unique.

We walked part of the park & drove our car around to see even more of it.  There were three trails for hiking through the woods on the edge of the park, but we didn’t have the time to do any of them.  Something to do on our next visit, eh?  And I’ll take photos, of course.

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27 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon In The Sculpture Park”

    1. Mike, no there wasn’t even one gnome to be found. Clearly an oversight on the part of management. Perhaps you’d like to commission one to be created & installed in the park? Correct the problem.

        1. So I take it your HOA has very lenient rules. Ours wouldn’t go for a large gnome in any front yard. They can barely tolerate flags around here.

  1. Hey, I just spent *yesterday* afternoon in a sculpture garden. It was also a beautiful day, and my kids enjoyed themselves immensely. The combination of being able to wander around outside and look at art is a wondeful thing. Perhaps I will post my photos as well.

    Your photos did turn out beautifully. I am also quite partial to the silhouetted dragonfly, but all of them are gorgeous. So nice of the sky to provide such lovely clouds, too!

    1. alejna, please do post your photos. I’d love to see them. I think you said it so well: The combination of being able to wander around outside and look at art is a wondeful thing. Wonderful, it was.

  2. What a great place to visit! It must be fairly close to you. There’s nothing like art outside for everyone to see and enjoy. Do you have to pay to go to this park?

    1. Beth, the cost is $8.00 per adult. It’s worth it. There’s really lots to do there. In fact, there are picnic benches &/or metal tables with chairs scattered around the park. The next time we go we’re taking a picnic lunch & planning on having more time so we can hike the trails. Make more of a day of it.

  3. I would love to visit a park like this. I enjoy sculpture gardens, but the ones I have visited have been in cities with an urban backdrop. This looks beautiful.

    1. Lisa, I’ve seen photos of urban sculpture gardens, but never been to one. I’m sure that I’d think that was interesting, too. Something for me to keep my eye out for as we travel.

  4. I love a sculpture garden! Your photos are beautiful and I, too, love the dragonflies. Put Kansas City’s Nelson-Atkins Museum of Modern Art on your tour schedule if you get out that direction.

    1. Kristen, it was pretty to be there in the summer. We’ve been there in the winter after it had snowed– which was interesting, but kept us in our warm car. This time we were able to get out of the car & walk all over the place. On a Sunday. In Ohio.

  5. WOW just so much fun! The dragonfly dome just draws you in and makes you want to play/interact with it. The flowy blue thingy is pre-k construction paper giant size! Can you get up close to these – or are there guards that yell at you. Sculpture comes alive when surrounded by nature. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. philosophermouse, glad that you like the photos. You can get right up on/near/around/within/beside the sculptures. It’s a very interactive place to visit.

  6. I love sculpture parks! This one is amazing, some very quirky stuff here, particularly the red bench sawn in half. There is a sculpture park near Leeds in the UK that I love and last went to years ago. We were recently on holiday in France and saw some amazingly quirky sculptures by Barbara Soia. I can see me getting into sculpture in a bigger way now! Thanks for posting the pictures, they are great.

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