The Moon Is Always Up There, You Know?

I took these photos mid-morning Sunday when most of the sky was so blue that the moon was visible.  We rarely have super clear days like that around here.

~ ~ • ~ ~

~ ~ • ~ ~

Occasionally some wispy clouds floated through the sky across the moon reminding me that this photo-op was going to be a short one.

 ~ ~ • ~ ~

~ ~ • ~ ~

 I couldn’t help but think about Neil Armstrong as I snapped these photos.  Imagine walking on something so far away from & different from the Earth?  He never considered himself to be a hero.  He thought he was just part of a team that made amazing things happen.

~ ~ • ~ ~

 ~ ~ • ~ ~

So with a nod to the past & a hope for the future, I’ll wink at the moon when I see it… in honor of Neil Armstrong.

[The National Memorial Service for Neil Armstrong is today.  Details here.] 

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14 thoughts on “The Moon Is Always Up There, You Know?”

    1. Zazzy, thanks. The fact that we came together as a nation and put a man on the moon STILL amazes me. Today ppl in this country can’t say “hello” to one another without incident. There are good lessons to be learned from this event– forward thinking, cooperation & humility get things done.

      [stepping down from soap box now]

      1. Nice post, Allie. It is amazing to think what we did nearly half a century ago with the technology of the day. Funny also to think that at the same time our country was accomplishing a great scientific achievement, we were torn apart politically by the Vietnam War. Life is funny sometimes.

        1. Thanks Voyager. It is even more amazing considering the computing power of the day– and the whole Viet Nam backdrop. Even with all those potential pitfalls, it got done. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

  1. Amazing pictures and a wonderful tribute to Neil Armstrong. You are right–he never did think he was a hero. He never wanted any special attention. But he was a very special man! Someone like him is hard to come by today.

    1. Beth, I watched his memorial service on the NASA website & it was interesting to see who said what about him. Everyone said good things, of course. Mostly they mentioned his cooperative spirit, his perseverance & his humility– plus a quiet sense of humor. He sounded like a good guy.

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