Autumn Sustains Me

A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves.

~ Proust

~ • ~

I’ve never seen a season appear on cue quite as perfectly as Autumn did on Saturday.  In the morning during Summer’s last hours the weather was warm + humid around here.  I remarked to Z-D that our lawn looked so green that it seemed like Spring.  As the morning progressed, I wondered if I should have worn shorts instead of capris.  It was that warm.

And then, Summer exited stage left.  Enter Fall.

By mid afternoon the wind was gusting and the air had a chill to it.  The sky was blue + leaves were blowing all over creation.  Pulling into the Kroger parking lot we watched as the wind knocked a Mr. Coffee coffee maker off the bottom of a shopping cart as a woman pushed her shopping cart to her car.  It was that windy.

~ • ~

For me, Autumn is the beginning of the year.  I find myself relaxed, joyful and mellow during this time of year.  I let go of striving and enjoy the results of what I’ve worked on throughout the winter – spring – summer.  I review what has succeeded, appreciate what I did, enjoy where I am & prepare for what is to come.

Grounded in the colorful reality that Fall is known for, I’m comfortable thinking about possibility now.  Much more so than in January.  There’s something about this time of year that helps me get it together and be happy for the chance to embrace change.

Autumn sustains me.  Does it do the same thing for you?

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22 thoughts on “Autumn Sustains Me”

  1. I’ve always liked autumn, opening the house back up after the heat of the summer, enjoying being outside again, watching the leaves change. These days, autumn is also a time to relax. The summer people start to disappear from the lake, it gets quiet. Our little town slows down a bit.

    1. PiedType, I think that you’re on to something there. I grew up in a muggy part of the midwest without AC. So once fall arrived, it was good sleeping weather! And everyone felt so much better.

  2. Fall is definitely the most beautiful time of year. Even here, there is a different feeling in the air. And the changing leaves are outstanding. I love painting the colors of Autum, too. There’s something about the reds and golds and browns that are so feel-good!

  3. “Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”
    -George Eliot

    My time of year, too. :)

    1. winsomebella, now that you mention it I wouldn’t mind a new spiral notebook, some glue and lots of thin-tipped markers. No better way to start the school year.

  4. Fall is absolutely my favorite season (my husband and I talk often about moving around to do Endless Fall (ala the Endless Summer movies)…there is something in the air that makes me feel as if anything is possible in these beautiful Fall moments.

  5. I used to hate fall, but have come to appreciate it. You have a teacher’s mindset if you feel that fall is the beginning of the year. For me, it’s never January, but always September. :)

    1. Margaret, I couldn’t help but have a teacher’s mindset with my two parents! I’m sure that is where my love of Fall started, but I think that it has grown over the years as I’ve gotten older– and dare I say it?– wiser.

  6. I love autumn. Spring used to be my fave, but it is now autumn. I love the colors. Love that it is football weather. Love hot apple cider. It makes me want to cook more, for some reason. It just makes my soul happier.

    1. Cheri, you’ve explained Fall so well. I agree that my soul is happier this time of year. Part of it is the beauty & part of it is the letting go of what doesn’t work for me. Just like the leaves falling off the trees, I feel ready to move on.

  7. Fall is lovely, but I can’t help but be saddened by the impending arrival of winter, which kind of ruins the season for me.

    1. mped7, I like Winter [for the most part] so Fall seems like the introduction to something good. But I can see your problem. Winter does follow Fall– always! Or at least it has so far in my life.

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