A Blog Post Confirming That Responsible Adults Do Not Lead Interesting Lives


Nothing to see here.  Move along. 

• • •

It is Tuesday morning and I am without a single topic or event to share with you, my gentle readers.  Usually something happens in my life during the week, something that prompts me to write a story, add some photos, share a few links, ponder a thought.

• • •

But today I am without flapdoodle, images, twaddle or pithiness.  ‘Tis a sad day, indeed.

• • •

Instead of something interesting to talk about, my responsible adult life of late has revolved around:

  • annual doctors’ visits;
  • watching painters paint the exterior of our house;
  • car & SUV repairs;
  • hand-washing dishes in the sink because the dishwasher is leaking;
  • haircut + skin care;
  • cleaning out the garage;
  • a few martinis;  and
  • planning a couple of social events for later this month.

• • •

So let me ask you, my gentle readers: what have you been up to lately?  Do tell in the comments below.

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34 thoughts on “A Blog Post Confirming That Responsible Adults Do Not Lead Interesting Lives”

  1. I have been watching you. And I like it, and I admit I get the better part of that deal. You forgot not cooking meals on our “haven’t done” list. Or sleeping well. Been qute a July so far. Well, at least “Fittie” seems happy.

    1. Z-D, yes I suppose that I could create a what we haven’t done list… but wouldn’t that be even less interesting than the what we are doing list? I tell ‘ya, being a responsible adult and keeping a blog can sometimes be a conflict. It’s amazing that I solder on as well as I do! ;-)

        1. Is that a fact, Z-D? And here I thought that I was only talking about my perspicacity re: blog keeping! Who knew that you’d find a different meaning altogether?

  2. Lately… 1. working on my book
    2. Trying to figure out twitter, and wordpress functions
    3. Cooking
    4. focus on myself for one in my life so that I do not end up in the hostpital, pregnancy complications.
    5. Reading books to the kids

    1. Rebekah, your list is interesting to me. Perhaps I’m inclined to like it because you’re so involved in words and good health– two topics that I really like. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Thank you Ally. I gues you’re right, my list focuses on words and good health. I didn’t even think of that. I even have two blogs; one is a book (words), the other about happiness (good heath). :) Kind of funny.

        1. Rebekah, you are nothing if not consistent! How wonderful that you know yourself so well… even if you didn’t realized that you do.

          [Did I make sense there? O.o]

  3. We have a leaky dishwasher, too, but we do is put some towels under it and let it run. In our case, the door gasket has come loose, for whatever reason. We tried doing the dishes by hand, but both of us decided we didn’t want to do them that way.

    We’re off to the recycling center to take plastics today. Whee!

    1. John, our leak is under the machine and is ruining the kitchen floor. The weird part is that we’ve both gotten into the groove of washing dishes by hand. It reminds me of being a child when I was the dishwasher– and there was no machine in sight!

      Enjoy your recycling trip! Such an adventure, you wild person.

  4. I feel you. My life revolves around doctors appointments and daily weird stuff that no one ever really cares to read yet somehow people still do! I don’t understand it as I’m not even a good writer lol

    Today at 2 we’re picking up my daughter’s arm braces. She’s supposed to sleep in them and they are supposed to protect her fingers. She’s got low muscle tone and hypermobility and we’re trying to preserve her joints if we can.

    Also? We’re getting new phones today! So that is rather exciting!

    1. knottedfingers, I want to have something dynamic and profound to say here, but when nothing much happens in my life I find myself floundering. ‘Ya know?

      I hope that the arm braces help your daughter. They sound like a good idea. Wonder how she’ll take to them?

      Also, new phones? I’d say that was exciting. More thrilling than watching paint dry… which is what I’m doing right now.

  5. Looking at your “non-interesting” topics made me reflect. Any one of those could turn into a whole blog post. Perhaps it’s not lack of topics but lack of snark that’s stopping you from twisting and turning the normal into the abnormal.

    1. kate, you bring up an excellent point. If I were in a snarkier mood, I could find something twisted about any of those topics. But today I feel more mellow than normal, and willing to just coast along in a happy way. Not the ideal point of view for a blogger, eh?

  6. It must be summer – feeling sloggy and snoooozzzzy. (better than woozy) Lazy hazy days of summer have hit (and too little energy to dance with it). Everyone out to the beach or pool or couch with AC?

    1. philmouse, I’m feeling low-key and tired today. It’s so humid, hot & hazy outside that my mind has gone on its own little vacay. Can’t think of much clever to say, so I went with the facts here.

  7. 1. Googling my fingers to the bone for two book trips this fall, because one can never cram too many events into a trip. 2. Recovering from a poisonous spider bite over 4th of July weekend. 3. Kicking my husband’s butt at Yahtzee.

    1. Andra, I love to research trips so what you’re doing sounds like fun to me. Sorry about the spider bite, but pleased to know that you rock at Yahtzee. Now that’s something to be proud of.

  8. I agree with the mouse. Sloggy and snoozy are prefect descriptors for this summer. I’m one step at a time-ing projects around the house and I’ve been experimenting with no-churn ice cream recipes. And I pretty much always have a kitty that wants snuggling.

    1. Zazzy, I agree. The humidity is wearing me down. I have no ambition.

      And as for this no-churn ice cream, what a great idea. You’ll share the recipe when you’ve perfected it, right? :-)

  9. Sometimes it’s just about taking care of those details. I’ve been swimming, brought the glasses to Lenscrafters for new lenses, and took Grandma H to AAA to renew her license. Errand running. :)

    1. Kourtney, ah, your life of late sounds similar to mine. Not all that exciting, but things that need to be done. So we do ’em. Although new lenses are kind of a big deal. Nothing better than seeing clearly.

  10. Gee, my life is JUST about as exciting as yours. Trying to find carpet and paint for my master bedroom, going to an eye appt, getting my SUV fixed. Life is all in the details. We wouldn’t want too much excitement because it would also be the bad kind. Love the routine.

    1. Margaret, yes you sound like you’re doing the same sorts of things that I’ve been doing lately. Necessary chores, but difficult to use as the basis for an interesting blog post.

      [Unless, of course, someone needs to know that we’re painting the outside of our house SW Agreeable Gray, a neutral warm gray that coordinates with the brick. Then this post is a doozy of an exciting post!]

        1. Me too. Especially the after pic… which means that this project is finished and I can go back to using the deck + porch of our house.

  11. I empathise with this, life can just take over everything else, including being creative. Sometimes I just can’t find the words to write a thing, well, anything worth reading! I am certain you will recover your usual ‘va va voom’ and sparkle! Bex

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