Fiddling Around

Today I’m doing Throwback Thursday.  

This means that I’m posting a photo of myself taken a long time ago so that you, my gentle readers, will have another clue about what makes me who I am today.

And who would that be exactly?  A woman who appreciates what she learned as a girl, but refuses to ever play the violin again.

Ally playing her violin

~ ~ • ~ ~ 

If you’d like to know how I learned to play the violin, view the following video of kids, who like me, were taught to play the violin using the Suzuki method

And what lasting effect did this have on me?  Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, in all its variations, haunts my dreams to this day.

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14 thoughts on “Fiddling Around”

    1. kate, I wanted to play the piano, but a violin was cheaper. Plus my parents were jazzed about the whole Suzuki thing, so I became a violinist… until I graduated from high school when I said: no mas!

    1. knotted fingers, how funny that you know what I’m talking about here with the Suzuki method. Do you play Twinkle, Twinkle endlessly OR is there a different tune for a cello?

      1. Well because I’m not new to music or suzuki we didn’t do all the hundreds of variations of twinkle with the cello. We did with the violin. But I’ve had 4 lessons and am now 9 songs into Suzuki book 1 for Cello lol

        But I do know how that song haunts you

        1. Good to know that you were able to skip the Twinkle, Twinkle bit. Once is enough with that learning experience. Best of luck on the cello. It sounds like you’re taking to it.

  1. I played the piano and the violin. I didn’t learn on the Suzuki method though, so no nightmares of Twinkle, Twinkle little star. Look at your blond hair! Are you still blond? I was very blond when younger but evolved into a natural dark brunette and now an artificially light brunette. ;)

    1. Margaret, you got the best of it all! Piano AND no Twinkle Twinkle embedded in your brain for eternity.

      Yes, I’m still blonde– with the help of professional highlights and slowly graying hair that blends beautifully with the highlights. Somehow it all works.

  2. I never had any desire for violin, but I still yearn to play piano. I played flute for 4 years, and then I said “no more.” The flute is a pretty instrument overall, but there is not much call for it, nor is it “cool” like a guitar, drums, or even piano. Sigh. Playing banjo is still on my Wish List, ever intensified by the smart, funny, and adorable Steve Martin.

    Do you still have your violin? It would be lovely to simply display it. They are a truly beautiful instrument to look at.

    1. nance, I don’t know if I actually wanted to play the violin or if I was just enthusiastic about having something to do. I grew up in a small town.

      I donated the violin that I was playing in this photo to a program here in the big city that matches elementary school kids with instruments that they could never afford. Seemed like a good idea to let some other kid try her or his hand at fiddling.

  3. Love this picture of you! It’s funny that you are facing the wall…like you don’t want anyone to hear you practice:) As you know, I’m still playing the flute and love it. Whenever I’m having a stressful day, I can pick it up and play anything I want. It calms me right down. Music soothes the soul!

    1. Beth, it is a fun photo, isn’t it? I have no idea why I’m facing the wall. Maybe that’s why a parent snapped the photo because they thought it was funny, too.

      I agree about music’s calming effect. I just don’t want to be the one making the music. I prefer to listen now.

  4. I am intrigued, too, that you showed the wall-facing picture. Perhaps you felt forced to play? I never took musical lessons, but encouraged my kids to take flute/saxophone and piano lessons. I wonder how they feel about those lessons? Now I must ask and beg forgiveness if I failed them…

    1. Kathy, this is the only photo I have of me playing my violin. I have no idea why I’m facing the wall but it might be because we’d moved into this small house a few month before this photo was taken. Maybe this was the only spot in the house where I could put up my music stand and practice? I remember the whole place as being cramped.

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