About Ally

Observant, light-hearted and able to snark when necessary, Ally Bean has written a personal blog for over a decade.

She began her career as a blogger when she found herself, a child-free woman indifferent to sports and business babble, living in a suburb of a conservative midwestern city.

A place where she was different.

• • •

As an English major she quickly realized that to stay sane in this environment she needed something creative to do that would allow her to express her thoughts.

Perhaps even use her words.  Share some photos + images.  Have some fun talking and thinking about the vicissitudes of life.

And thus, a blogger was born.

• • •

Today Ally Bean writes on a variety of subjectsdelighting her gentle readers with stories and insights into what makes a down-to-earth, accidental suburbanite tick.

She’s a pragmatist.  Independent.  Friendly.  Often found laughing.  Occasionally snarling.

But she is, if nothing else, always genuine.