All The Weekend News That You Can Use

I would prefer to write something with depth, research & thought behind it here on my little bloggy today.  I haven’t done anything like that in quite a while– and I have all sorts of ideas bouncing around inside my brain.

However, I don’t have the time today [or this week] to put my thoughts to [virtual] paper, so this fast post is going to have to do.



Things you need to know now about life here at Chez Bean.

•  Zen-Den’s foot is healed.  He is walking without any trouble and has even mowed our lawn– which I’d say is proof that he is back among the mobile.

•  We had a beautiful weekend.  On Saturday night, for reasons that were never fully explained to me, Zen-Den suggested that we should sleep outside on the floor in our screened-in porch.  So we did.  Doing this reminded me of two things:  1) I am too old to enjoy sleeping outside– it’s noisy and weird out there in the dark;  & 2)  I think that whoever invented mattresses with box springs deserves sainthood.

•  We planted 58 daffodil bulbs & 10 muscari bulbs around our property.  Planting these bulbs was by far the most normal home-owning activity we have done in a couple of years.  It has been nothing but upheaval and expense and mess around here for so long that I’d forgotten about the simpler things involved in keeping house.  Like just planting something for the fun of it.



Well, look at that!  I’ve written a passable blog post complete with photos taken this morning and pithy insights gleaned from my weekend.  I think that this is good for now.  More later in the week.

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8 thoughts on “All The Weekend News That You Can Use”

  1. It was so nice of that butterfly to stop long enough for a picture. Clearly butterflies are more agreeable than crickets. Beautiful snap!

    Agreed – no more camping out. That mattress sure felt good last night.


  2. Z-D, yes, the butterfly finally stopped & spread its wings so I could take a photo. I was patient.

    You’re shocked, right? Me? Patient? With a camera?

    It can happen.


  3. I would give your blog post an A+ but when you mentioned nice weather, I was jealous. Glad that ZD is better and love the flowers. Planting things is very therapeutic for me.


  4. Margaret, thanks for the good grade. I’m glad that Zen-Den is better, too. So is he, as a matter of fact! I agree about planting flowers being very therapeutic. And it’s fun, too.


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