The First Conversation Of The Day

•  Here’s what I said to Zen-Den first thing this morning:

“What do you want to do… oh never mind, we can’t do that.”

•  Here’s what I was thinking as I said what I said:

“What do you want to do…

…it’s cold outside this morning, we should make waffles… yeah waffles… oh no, we don’t have any whole wheat flour or buttermilk to make Alton Brown‘s basic waffles… phooey… hey wait a minute, we could make those cornmeal waffles that are so good with maple syrup on them… yeah waffles… wait… i used all the cornmeal last week to make cornbread to go with the chili… humph… i really need to put those items on the grocery list…

oh never mind, we can’t do that.”

•  Here’s what he said to me upon hearing my statement:

“Of course.”

•  And then here is what he did– and has continued to do off and on for the last three hours.  He stepped away from me as if he was on stage, and started singing/dancing/arm moving to the Backstreet Boys classic hit, “I Want It That Way.” Except that he changed the words to:


•  And here is what I’m thinking:

Great idea.  But could you lose the bad singing, goofy dancing and ridiculous arm gestures when saying it.  It’d make me think that you were more sincere– and really meant what you are saying!

13 thoughts on “The First Conversation Of The Day

    • Cheri, I laughed at first, too. Now… not so much.

      Photo is on boardwalk at Sanibel Harbor Marriott. It connects the hotel to adjacent properties and goes over a pond and swampland. Very pretty to walk on. Very nice to not walk on creepy stuff.

      [Okay, it’s later in the day and I’ve taken the photo away because it won’t work with this new template that I like. So, Cheri, you may of been the only person to see my test template. That’s a special honor, you know!]


      • I think I may have walked there. We’ve been ALL OVER Sanibel. Love that place. We have a condo in Naples that we get to visit a couple times a year and we always try to get to Sanibel.
        I feel honored!


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