Sunshine, Paperweights & The Magic Of Perspective


I noticed that in the late afternoon the sun shines into our dining room through the French doors.  I have a paperweight collection on a table that happens to be in the path of the sunshine.


When the light passes through the paperweights it makes beautiful patterns on the wall.  The patterns are easy to see, weirdly shaped and fun to capture with my camera.


On a whim I adjusted my camera focus to distort the sunshine as it went through the paperweights and I found something different to see.  Something vaguely familiar, yet unique.  Proving once again, that what you see is all in how you go about looking at things.

16 thoughts on “Sunshine, Paperweights & The Magic Of Perspective

  1. How cool is that? Beauty in so many places around us if we would only stop and find it. Thanks for helping me see the beauty.


  2. Oh, those glass paperweights. I have a Thing for them. Not enough to actually start a collection–of even one!–but I do admire them when I see them in others’ homes. They are fascinating, especially if they contain something suspended inside. So civilized, too, a paperweight. “Here, I bought you this lovely object whose sole purpose is to hold down your papers.” How wonderful.


    • nance, I agree that they’re fascinating. Especially with different lights shining around, through, near them. Never thought about them being civilized, but now that you say it: so true. You need to buy a couple or three for yourself! What better time to start a collection than now?


  3. Love your paper weights! They really are beautiful. I also watch the sun pass trough pieces of crystal I placed on the window shelves. colorful rainbows appear. It’s like magic!


    • Beth, thanks. They are fun to look at, but on the downside need to be hand washed every so often. Once the dust piles up on them, the pretty is dulled. I bet that your crystals are wonderful. Kind of like beveled glass, with attitude.


    • Margaret, our sun has been here for a day or two then gone for a day or two. It’s maddening when it comes to planning outside activities. Usually June is one clear day after another, but not this year.


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