No More Retrograding Here

People who know about astrology like to talk about it, especially during Mercury in retrograde. Have you noticed this? Lately?

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 8.47.01 AM

{ This is Mercury. Image Source }

They tell me that tomorrow Mercury ends its time in retrograde, meaning that my “what to do? what to do?” lament from last week will be over.

As I understand it, when Mercury is in retrograde, personal communication, well-reasoned-decisions and safe travels are, well– not so smooth here on Earth.

It is only after Mercury, the little bugger, exits this phase of its celestial movement that things return to their normal patterns out there among the stars.

While I’m not into astrology that doesn’t matter, does it?

Putting together the pieces of information that I’ve been told about this retrograde, I sense that Mercury does what Mercury wants to do.  Mercury don’t care that I’m indifferent to the astrological explanation of its imperfect orbit’s impact upon the peoples of Earth.

Mercury is the honey badger of planets.

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{ This is a honey badger. Image Source }

I’m sure that there’s a lesson here for me about learning to politely shrug when discussions turn to things that may not seem sensible to me.

I say this because throughout these last few weeks while Mercury has been in retrograde, I’ve come to understand in this life, no matter what happens in the skies or on the earth, there will always be someone with an alternate interpretation of the event.

And that earnest someone will find me, tell me about it and assure me that all will be well in my life once that bothersome Mercury gets on with things.

24 thoughts on “No More Retrograding Here

  1. So that explains all the going ons of lately! You always seem to find the most interesting topics! Hopefully, now that Mercury is no longer in retrograde, we can solve some problems!


    • Beth, this topic has been foisted on me for the last few weeks. Friends & acquaintances who are into astrology have been vocal about it! So why not share the info here? Now as to whether or not this is factual… I dunno.


  2. I really spent most of this post thinking you were talking about mercury the substance, because the folks on the Lewis and Clark expedition consumed a lot of it to treat their venereal diseases acquired through orgies and sexsexsex…….which is a much more interesting conversation to me. Ha.


  3. Thank you for clearing up all that retrograde confusion. I’ve come to the conclusion that because I’m naturally socially-awkward, my interactions with others may have actually improved during this period. Unless I don’t hear back from you.


    • Miss Snarky Pants, funny you should say that. I’ve found that until the last few days I’ve felt more in tune with life than ever. Then suddenly I felt socially clunky. And that’s when well-meaning ppl started talking to me about this retrograde phenomenon. Don’t know that I believe in it, but am looking forward to Friday, the first day after it ends.


      • So you’re new to social awkwardness. Yeah, that’s a icy pool of water to fall into. At least you’ll be able to relate to my posts better since my social clunkiness (I like that you paired those) is pervasive in my writing. Hopefully, in an endearing way.


  4. I would have great difficulty not rolling my eyes over the astrological interpretation. I so agree with the part in your post where you state that no matter what happens(or even how clear it is) SOMEONE will have an alternative interpretation of it. There are lots of special snowflakes out there.


    • Margaret, I’ve been talking to many of those snowflakes lately. Hence my newfound knowledge about Mercury in retrograde and my renewed insistence on good manners. Nod, smile & keep quiet.


  5. LOL. I’ve heard that often about Mercury in retrograde. I’ve had some communication issues this past week so I’m on board with blaming Mercury. 🙂


    • Kourtney, the thing about Mercury in retrograde is that it happens 3x a year so for those ppl who believe in astrology it is an almost continual topic of conversation. If it was once a year I wouldn’t be so tired of it, I’m sure. But as is…


  6. Agree with la p: “Mercury is the honey badger of planets” is a brilliant stroke of literary magic. Thanks.


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