E Is For Egg, Exactly What We Need

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.42.36 AM“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

This proverb tells us to not make everything dependent on one other thing.  It reminds you that if you drop that basket and break any eggs, then *kablooey* you’ve lost everything.

Yep, you’ve got nothing then.  Kind of like me now.

You see, my gentle readers, I have nothing more to say on the topic of eggs.

Well, that’s almost true.

Sure, I could tell you about my latest experience with eggs [pickled them], but do you really need me to do that?

Instead, I suggest that we all agree that I showed up here, posted something as per the challenge guidelines, and then babbled enough to make it seem like I had something to say.

This works for me.  I hereby declare that I have written about the letter “E.”

And the A To Z Challenge continues tomorrow…

41 thoughts on “E Is For Egg, Exactly What We Need

    • Kate, you and me both will find out together! I’m keeping my hopes high that the right phrases will appear to me. Or if not, I’ll make something up, I guess. Ever onward, go I.

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  1. Yep, not much more to say about eggs. Except that I like to eat them for dinner sometimes….quick and easy.


    • Beth, me too. I like eggs, but nothing interesting has ever happened to me concerning eggs. Which makes for a puny post when forced to write about them.


    • Janet, you made me laugh out loud with this comment. Thank you for summing up my thoughts. I’ll do this challenge, but I got a life to live, too, ‘ya know?


  2. I would not even have eggs in my fridge if I didn’t fry chicken. Sometimes, it takes me so long to get around to using them that I fear they might hatch, and I’ll find frozen chicks when I open the door..


      • Considering that about 80% of my diet consists of fried chicken (and its assorted related variants), it’s a skill I had to have to survive. My Mom couldn’t cook either, but she learned it from my Granny (her MIL) and passed it on to me before I left home. I can actually do a little baking as well, but since I never repaired my oven when it broke 5 years ago, that has gone by the wayside…

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  3. Ally

    This is an “egg”citing post and it is “egg’ceptionally well done. It is “egg”actly what I needed to read right now. “Egg”stroinary, isn’t it?


    Jim ; )

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