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I’m sorry to report that Cee is ill this week so there are no official Share Your World questions for me to answer.  

This, however, will not stop me from sharing my world with you, my gentle readers.  Oh no it won’t.  

Thus I give you my answers to The Pivot Questionnaire made famous by James Lipton on Inside the Actors Studio.

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1.  What is your favorite word?  

It’s a toss-up between snazzy & neat-o.  I like them both equally.  Although flapdoodle & groovy are good ones, too.  Can I get back to you on this one? 

2.  What is your least favorite word?  


3.  What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Blue sky, fresh air, being outside in nature or in a city, walking or sitting, taking it all in.

4.  What turns you off?


5.  What is your favorite curse word?

“Frostbite.”  Stated thusly because this is a PG-13 blog.  Use your imaginations and I’m sure you can figure out which F-word I’m thinking of.

6.  What sound or noise do you love?

I like the sound that the leaves make when the wind blows through the trees, resulting in a quiet rustle that, along with a few happy bird chirps, is the epitome of mellow.

7.  What sound or noise do you hate?

Donald Trump’s voice.

8.  What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

I’m fascinated with interior design, so I’ll say that.

9.  What profession would you not like to do?

Trash collector.

10.  If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Welcome! We have your favorite table waiting over here on the deck out of the direct sunlight. Now it’s chilled Sauvignon Blanc, right? And will you need to see a menu today?

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90 thoughts on “[Unofficial] Share Your World | I’m Pivoting Here”

  1. Behooved…my favorite word. It will remain so forever and still makes me chuckle. I used it once long ago and my youngest daughter, then probably pre-teen age or so, thought I was ridiculous and actually making up a word. It took a long time for her to come to terms with the fact that it is an actual word.

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  2. Groovy! #7 made me giggle! I concur that sound of nature is ever so dreamy. Not sure if you know, but Cee actually used The Actor’s Studio format once last year 🙂

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    1. joey, I used to have a yoga teacher who said groovy all the time. She made me laugh every time she said it.

      I didn’t follow Cee when she did these questions… so does that make my post today an “official” late entry on Cee’s Share Your World? Or am I still in “unofficial” waters here? Like it matters…

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      1. I don’t know that she’d care if you do or don’t link back. I have no idea when it was. :/
        I say groovy quite a bit. My friend Orb says it ALL THE TIME. He’s also one of my few friends who says nifty and neat as much as I do.


    1. Well said, Carrie. And turning off the sound on the TV when he speaks is no better, his facial expressions and arm gestures are clownish. Nothing presidential there at all. :-/

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  3. Neat-o post. I break out in hives thinking I might have to choose a favorite word – mine change at least hourly. Right this moment it’s selenotropism, meaning growth in response to moonlight.

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    1. Deborah Weber, that’s a doozy of a good word. Never heard of it, but will try to work into casual conversation today! Although now that I say doozy, that might be my favorite word, too. 🙂


    1. Katee, twaddle is one of the words that I considered for my favorite. It’s in my top 10, for sure.

      Your seat on the deck is saved. You’ll be having a margarita, right? With or without salt?


  4. Oh how I miss James on Inside the Actor’s Studio! Love your answers Ally, particularly Flapdoodle although I have no idea what that means!


    1. Lynn, flapdoodle means nonsense. I have no idea about the origin of the word, but I use if from time-to-time as the situation warrants. Lately, it’s been getting quite a workout. 🙄

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    1. Akilah, ergo is a good word. I use it in writing more than in conversation, but perhaps I need to up my game… ergo, I’ll try to use it conversationally henceforth. 🙂


  5. I don’t swear, although my husband wishes I would (TMI?). #7 FOR SURE! I’m expecting to be in that sky-view restaurant with you as well. I’ll have a brandy manhattan and put me near the stage, thanks!

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    1. Cee, hoping that you’re feeling better now! I remembered these questions from years ago, so thought why not answer them now.

      I started saying frostbite after seeing a children’s animated Christmas movie, the name of which I cannot remember. One of the main characters, a woman, would say that when things went wrong at the North Pole.


      1. Nor do I. I just remember a friend in college with that gig briefly and who said he garbage picked some great stuff. I remember once tossing a load of CDs and seeing the garbageman pocket them. 🙂

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    1. Embeecee, so happy to know that you did these questions, too. They’re fun, not as fun as Cee’s question, of course– but good to answer in a pinch.


    1. happyface313, I wish I could take credit for dreaming up these questions, but James Lipton did them first. However, I’m most happy to answer them even without his booming voice asking me them. Off to look at your answers now. Thanks for stopping by.

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    1. I.L. Wolfe, I’m flattered that you remember I did A to Z challenge last year. It was fun, but too much work for me this year. Maybe next year I’ll be able to focus on it again.

      And I like your idea for #7! Clever as always, my dear.


      1. Of course I remember, it’s how I discovered you, though I think of you as living on twitter these days (as opposed to living on your blog. Just like your avatar is how I think you look in real life, at all times).

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    1. Janis, I usually turn down the volume on the TV when 45 speaks so that I don’t hear the noise! Hoping that God has a good sense of humor about working in a celestial restaurant.

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  6. I love your answers to #3 and #6. I don’t believe there’s a better way to decompress and mellow out than to be among the trees and rustling leaves, to walk or bike with the blue sky and sunshine and chirping birds. I’m so anxious for the weekend coming up. It’s supposed to be a gorgeous Saturday, so I plan to be OUTSIDE. All day long.


    1. bikerchick57, same here. I’m longing to be outside puttering around in the garden, moseying along in a city park. Our weekend weather is iffy so far, but fingers crossed that it might be sunny. Enjoy your Saturday, I’ll be doing the same weather permitting.

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  7. I’ve looked at that Questionnaire a hundred times with an eye toward a blogpost. I’m too afraid of it. My answers would take ages to come up with, and they would change too often. And I could never pick a Favourite Word. I have hundreds.

    I like all of your answers, and I do love Sauv Blanc. I especially like it with buttery mussels or a nice fruit and cheese plate out on the patio on a summery day.


    1. nance, I answered the question once before on a blog long gone. At that time it was tricky, but now the answers flew out of my addled brain and onto the virtual page.

      I’ve never had buttery mussels, but fruit + cheese is a win for me. Truthfully though, you could hand me just about anything to nibble on with my glass of Sauv Blanc & I’d be content.


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