About Ally Bean

• Hello and thank you for reading my personal blog, The Spectacled Bean.

• I started my first blog in 2004. Since then I’ve discovered that writing a personal blog can be fun as long as I focus on a variety of topics. Must keep it fresh. 

• I’m a free spirit by nature. This means I do my own thing here and everywhere, but because I’m a conscientious woman I do my own thing neatly. With a bit of style and planning.

• I’ve been told that I’m subtly subversive and I rather like the idea. I figure it means that I’m telling the truth and making it interesting in the process.

• I’m married to my college sweetheart. He studied Economics, then got a J.D. I studied English Literature, then got a M.A. in Communication. Today we live in a quirky suburb of a big midwestern city.

• I’ve come to realize that my current motto is: if something works, stick with it; if something doesn’t work, let it go. A rather pragmatic approach to life, don’t you think?

~ ~  ~ ~