About Ally Bean

Here’s what you need to know.

You, my gentle reader and/or kind lurker, are reading my personal blogThe Spectacled Bean, born in 2011. Please note that before this weblog, as far back as 2004, I had what I refer to as *starter* blogs.

 From these various blogging experiences I discovered that writing a personal weblog is enjoyable as long as I focus on a variety of topics gleaned from my daily life or research tangents.

I have a B.A. in English Lit & a M.A. in Communications. Clearly this means I was destined to be a blogger from the git-go.

I’ve been told that I’m subtly subversive. I figure that means I’m telling the truth and making it interesting in the process, like a kindhearted badass.

I have worked as a paralegal, marketing researcher, merchandiser, sales rep, retail store manager, fundraiser, project manager, and writer. In other words, many jobs, no career. 

Today I live in a quirky suburb of a big midwestern city with my husband, Zen-Den, who I met in college. We are happy.

My current motto is: Do no harm, but take no shit. I’m a nice enough person but I have my limits. Same with you? 

~ ~ ~ ~