A Mid-Winter Walk In The Nature Preserve

On Saturday the sun was finally shining, so Zen-Den and I went to the Nature Preserve for a walk. We enjoyed the opportunity to be outside in the fresh air on a brisk winter afternoon when there was no snow around. Here are a few photos I took along the way.

~ ~ • ~ ~


We decided to take the flat, relatively mud-free trail. It was less than a mile, and interesting to wander along. Having never been on it before, we were pleasantly surprised by what we saw.

~ • ~


Near the beginning of the trail we noticed this little cutie pie squirrel munching on a seed. I immediately named her Rowena.

~ • ~


A little farther along the trail we saw this bench that had an inscribed plaque on it. The plaque said: “Relax, Don’t Worry, Have Fun.”

~ • ~


We walked beside this partially frozen pond that was reflecting light into the darker forest just beyond it. The scene looked like something out of an animated Disney movie.

~ • ~


Soon thereafter we walked across a field and came upon this relocated 200-year-old cabin. Much of the cabin’s wood is original.

~ • ~


Entering the cabin through this door, we discovered a table and two benches + a fireplace. Nothing else in there. Very rustic.

~ • ~


Then, near the end of the trail we walked beside this small pond surrounded by tall grasses under the blue winter sky, making for a picture perfect photo at the end of our walk.

~ ~ • ~ ~

Charmed By Last Night’s Super-duper Supermoon


“May peace and love from the moon above flow through your heart on the wings of a dove.”

~ Grandma Penny Halliwell, Charmed


Zen-Den and I went out last night chasing the moon.

We drove around the area hoping to find a spot where I could photograph the super-duper supermoon juxtaposed against something on earth.

I thought it’d be cool to have a bit of perspective to show how huge the moon appeared to be to us human beings below.

We had no such luck finding a spot like that here in suburbia.  However, I did get this “Hey! Look up at the moon in the sky, isn’t it big?” photo.

Which seems like a pretty darned nice reward for our efforts.

Anyone else go chasing the moon last night?
Or perhaps, you, my gentle readers, decided to stay home and howl at it instead!

Hobbling, But Happy: An Early October Walk In The Park

We’ve yet to see any fall color here, but on Sunday the sky was clear blue.


Zen-Den and I decided to go to a city park for a mosey.


It seemed like a sensible thing to do.


You see, Zen-Den, who sprained his ankle a few weekends ago, was just getting back to walking without a crutch.


And I had twisted my knee while mowing the yard on Saturday morning, meaning I was moving slowly, too.


So, not wanting to let a glorious day go to waste, we hit upon the idea of going to a nice flat park.


Where we hobbled ourselves around, park bench to park bench, taking photos and laughing about how we’ve somehow morphed into old people.

A Rosy Sunday Morning Walk In An Amazing Park

DSCN7426Just because we were in Columbus OH overnight and just because I remembered going to this park when I was a child and just because it was a gorgeous clear summer morning, we went to the Park of Roses.

Located in Clintonville inside Whetstone Park, the Park of Roses is a 13 acre garden with 11,000 rose bushes, most of which were in bloom while we were there.

The park was as amazing + colorful + beautiful as I remembered it, but what I didn’t remember was that rose scent surrounds you everywhere you walk. All the time.

Below are a few photos that give you, my gentle readers, an idea of the scope of the park and the details of the park.  Did I mention it was amazing?

• + • + •


• • •


• • •


• • •


• • •


• • •


• • •


• • •


• • •


• + • + •

A Sure Sign Of Summer: Kettle Corn For Breakfast

Tiny blue vase, handmade, purchased from potter at festival, filled with a daisy + rosemary from our garden, sitting on the kitchen counter… and taking up much less space than the bag of kettle corn, also purchased at festival.

I know for sure that it’s summertime because I’m eating kettle corn for breakfast.

[Don’t judge.]

Last weekend we went to the first festival of the season where we purchased a bag of kettle corn.

Said bag, which is too large to fit on the pantry shelf, is now sitting on the kitchen counter near the new vase featured in the photo.

[We bought the “small” bag of kettle corn, btw.] 

From what I can tell, all festivals around here are required by law to have at least one kettle corn booth wherein they make the stuff fresh before your very eyes.

Then the kettle corn makers are required to give you a free sample of it right when you’re tired from walking around the festival, but not hungry because you just ate something filling at the previous food booth.

[I’m a sucker for a pulled pork sandwich with a speciality BBQ sauce.]

So, you decide to buy a bag of the kettle corn to take home with you because you know you like it.  And because this is a festival that helps some small town OR civic organization OR large church make money that they use to help the needy.

[The cynic in me says the festival might be helping itself first before the needy, but whatevs.]

And that, my gentle readers, is how I know it is summer.  I’ve got popcorn kernel residue stuck in my teeth before 8:00 a.m. and I’ve helped the needy.  😉


The First Day Of Spring: Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green

The skies were unbelievably clear on Sunday morning.  Memorable, even.  The colors of our world looked spectacular.  

Because of this we decided to go for a walk around a city park.

The park was almost deserted, despite it being a beautiful day.  No one else wanted to enjoy nature, I guess.

Here are few photos.  Just because.

~ ~ • ~ ~ 


~ ~ • ~ ~ 


~ ~ • ~ ~ 


~ ~ • ~ ~ 


~ ~ • ~ ~ 


~ ~ • ~ ~ 


~ ~ • ~ ~ 


~ ~ • ~ ~ 


~ ~ • ~ ~ 

I’ve got a busy week going on here.

I’ll end this post by wishing you, my gentle readers, a Happy Easter.

Catch up with you next week, kids.

A Sunday Morning Winter Walk To Try My New Camera

This less-than-exciting post comes to you from the intersection of Cabin Fever Drive and New Camera Avenue.


Because the sun was shining this morning, and ignoring the fact that it was 20ºF outside, I decided we needed to go for a walk somewhere unique.


We drove to a city park and went for a short walk on a groomed path that runs beside abandoned railroad tracks.


I wanted to take more photos, but after a 1/4 mile on the path we were cold.  Plus it wasn’t all that pretty out there.


So we turned around, walked purposefully back to the car, and drove home. Because, you know– frozen!