Delightful Blogroll

How do you end up on my blogroll?

Well, you share smart thoughts on your blog and have a friendly, sometimes snarky, attitude. Plus, you’re chatty, with a propensity to comment here and elsewhere.

Yep, that’s how you end up on this blogroll, listed in no particular order, revised when I feel like it.  

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The Zombies Ate My Brains

Dept. of Nance

Allie Potts Writes


The Sound of One Hand Typing

Life After 50

The Shameful Sheep

My Life Lived Full



Wanderings of an Elusive Mind

Garden of Eden Blog

The Englishist

Daisy Smiley Face

Travels with Choppy


Retirementally Challenged


Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride

Sheila Hurst

In My Cluttered Attic

I am, therefore I write

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Spirit Lights The Way

Janet’s Smiles

Evil Squirrel’s Nest


Views and Mews of Coffee Kat

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