The “Never Have I Ever” Meme

This week has been a slow slog for me.  If you rob me of an hour of sleep, this is what you get: a woman with a tired brain who is incapable of creating much of anything.    

Then while reading Knocked over by a feather & Fish of Gold I saw their versions of this meme, and I remembered the Never Have I Ever Drinking Game.  Suddenly, doing this meme seemed like the perfect subject for a TGIF post.  

Happy weekend, everyone.  Enjoy!


  • Never have I ever ridden on a motorcycle.
  • Never have I ever grabbed eggs from a hen’s nest.
  • Never have I ever owned a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.
  • Never have I ever watched an episode of American Idol or The Voice.
  • Never have I ever regretted having this house built.
  • Never have I ever smoked pot purchased legally in Colorado.
  • Never have I ever worried about whether someone thinks that I’m bossy.  
  • Never have I ever knitted a sweater.
  • Never have I ever thrown a TV out a window.
  • Never have I ever inconvenienced other people with my luggage on an airplane.
  • Never have I ever ordered a Long Island Iced Tea.
  • Never have I ever run or walked a marathon of any length.  

The Return Of Five Senses Friday

It’s been a long time since I did this meme.  It originated a long time ago on a blog that is now defunct.  However, this wonderful idea lives on.  If you wish, you may play along in the comment section below or on your own blog.

• • •


• • •

FEELING:  relaxed and happy.  well-rested.  ready to throw myself into new projects, dreamed up during my quiet days at home during our snow emergencies.

HEARING:  energy.  the fan of the furnace as it keeps this house a cozy temp.  the clickety-clack that my keypad makes when I type anything.

TASTING:  coffee.  bold, yet not harsh.  the way most of my days begin.

SEEING:  prettiness.  sunshine streaming through the open wooden blinds in the living room, illuminating the artwork that hangs on the wall above the loveseat.

SMELLING:  lime zest & cyprus.  freshness.  all because I washed my hands with my favorite kitchen soap before I sat down in our home office [across the foyer from the living room] to write this post.     

But Tuesday Is My Favorite Day

I AWAKENED THIS MORNING thinking that today is Friday.  As it is Tuesday, I’m way off the mark with that thought.  I’m rather amused that I’m confused.  It’s like my subconscious is playing a fun little game with me called, “O Bean, Where Art Thou?”

~ ~ • ~ ~ 

~ ~ • ~ ~ 

I HAVE NO EXPLANATION for why this morning my mind skipped a few days ahead, but it did.  I like Tuesday so it’s not as if I’m trying to avoid anything.

In fact, once upon a time there was a meme going around that asked specifically which day of the week was your favorite.  My answer was Tuesday.  An answer, as I recall, that made many people question my sanity.

Nobody likes Tuesday, they told me.  I like Tuesday, I replied.

~ ~ • ~ ~ 

~ ~ • ~ ~ 

THEY SAID NOTHING MORE about my answer, but I was left with the distinct impression that I was a nobody, with no credibility at all, because I liked Tuesday .

People can be most peculiar.  N’est-ce pas?

And with that bit of wisdom, I’ll take my leave to fly away [so to speak].  Now that I’m awake, Tuesday is calling to me.  Catch up with you later, kids.

~ ~ • ~ ~ 

~ ~ • ~ ~ 

As Promised, Four Haiku For You

[I did this.  Which led to this.  Resulting in the following.]

[Also, did you know that “haiku” is singular or plural?  The same is true for the word “you.”  So, if I had ignored the foregoing, then the title of this post could have been: Four Haikus For Yous.]

[FYI – I prefer saying the incorrect title for this post better than the one I put on it.  However, I’m too much of a grammar nerd to use the wrong title in print.  If I did, what would Google think?!!]

For Jen:

blogging with tonic:

clever. smart. hilarity.

child-free, likable.

For alejna:

pursuing degree.

photos delight, children too.

collecting: old-school.

For Beth:

with flute, music made.

at home in carolina:

friend, artist, walker.

For Polly:

studies French for fun.

writer. mother. coffee, please.

wonderful to catch!

I’m Going Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

•  To review, on Friday I presented you, my gentle readers, with 5 Truths & 1 Lie.  Since then many of you have hazarded a guess about which of my statements is the lie.

Also, many of you have suggested that I’m a good liar.  I’m still processing that idea.  I don’t know whether you say it to flatter my ego;  or to cover your butt if you pick the wrong statement as the lie.

•  Be that as it may, the lie I told was:

“4.  I DRIVE a gray SUV.  I named him Bullwinkle because of his color [which Lexus says is blue, but they’re wrong].  He’s not a new vehicle,  but he gets me where I need to go.”

This is a lie because I DRIVE A WHITE V-6 HONDA ACCORD COUPE.  Named Olivia. Rather old.  She has a snazzy decklid spoiler and sports leather seats with wood paneling stuff inside the car.  Plus she gets fabulous gas mileage.

Yep, that’s the way I live.  I’m more Nancy Drew in her little blue roadster than Shirley Partridge in her funky van.

•  All of which brings me to the only reason, I suspect, that any of you are still reading this post.  Thanks to all who took the time to comment, but the few gentle readers who guessed correctly are:

•  And now I will leave it up to the winners to tell me if they prefer to be a guest poster here OR have me write a haiku about you that I’ll post here.  The choice is yours.  I await your decisions.

5 Truths & A Lie

[I got the idea for this post from Rara at Rarasaur;  her answers are here.  She got the idea for her post from Jen at Sips of Jen and Tonic;  her answers are here.  Go visit them both.  You’ll like ’em.]

• • • 

Here’s what I’m doing.  It’s a bit of a game.  I’m going to tell you a few things about me: 5 things will be truthful, 1 thing will be a lie.  Depending on how closely you’ve been paying attention to me all these years you’ll know the lie immediately.  Or not.

Whoever correctly figures out which statement is a lie, will win the opportunity to either: 1) be a guest poster on this blog;  or 2) have me write a haiku about you that’ll be posted on this blog.  Your choice.

Ready?  Here goes.

• • • 

1.  THE HUBSTER proposed to me in the parking lot of a bakery.  He had no ring with him.  All he said was: “so when do you want to get married?”  And that was that.

2.  I PLAYED the violin when I was a girl.  I learned in a Suzuki method class [which means by ear, not by written music].  While I never excelled at playing the violin I did make it to state regional orchestra level one year.  I was the last seat.  And I hated the experience.

3.  WE LIVE in a hilly area in a home built on a wooded ravine lot.  Once upon a time we purchased 200 tons of dirt so that we could create a backyard.  It was a messy project, but now we have a lower level terrace instead of the forest primeval.

4.  I DRIVE a gray SUV.  I named him Bullwinkle because of his color [which Lexus says is blue, but they’re wrong].  He’s not a new vehicle,  but he gets me where I need to go.

5.  I’M NOT a fan of the traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner.  I’ve made my share of them over the years and they were delicious, but I’d rather have a good steak with a baked potato for dinner than turkey + all that carbohydrate crap.

6.  I HAVE narrow feet, as in women’s AA shoes.  This is more of a problem than you might initially imagine because there are very, very, very few AA shoes available.  The result of this is that I keep my shoes forever and am usually forced to wear a pair of “so out of date you have no idea what decade they came from” shoes.          

• • • 

In Which I Play Well With Others & Create A List Of What I Learned Last Month

 Relyn at Come Sit by My Fire is doing this:

“On the last day of each month I plan to post a list of things I learned paired [with] my own favorite photo from that month….  I hope you’ll play along.”

I’ve decided to play along this month.  Here’s my What I Learned In June list.

~ • ~ 


~ • ~

•  Hanging pictures is my kryptonite.  I use the 60″ rule as a guideline, but it doesn’t always hold true when working with an eclectic collection of art.  I love having artwork on the walls, but admit that the process of getting it there makes me cross-eyed and anxious.

•  Being stuck inside because of wet Summer weather is every bit as annoying as being stuck inside because of wet Spring weather.  You’d think that just because it was Summer, it’d be better;  but it’s not.  Stuck is stuck.  And I’m tired of it.  Where are my weeks of sunshine?

•  52 Acts is a project based on the idea that: “one small act of kindness can change a life forever.”  Cheri at Naples Girl Blog sent me a 52 Acts bracelet + booklet.  Cool, huh?  Now that I know about 52 Acts, I’m happy to be a part of it.  Thanks, Cheri.

•  When putting a casserole dish with a Pyrex glass lid on top of it into the microwave, it is easy to knock the lid off the casserole dish causing the lid to bounce off the granite counter and onto the kitchen floor.  This creates a five foot radius of broken glass and shards, leading me to ponder the wisdom of cooking in bare feet.

•  Planning a vacation seems like a good idea until you actually begin to price it.  Then visiting the local zoo, followed by an afternoon at a German brew house, suddenly sounds like a grand idea.  An adventure.  Something with the exotic elements of a vacation, but without the inconvenience and cost.