About Ally Bean

Here’s what you need to know

 You’re reading my personal blogThe Spectacled Bean, born in 2011. Please note that before this weblog, as far back as 2004, I had what I refer to as *starter* blogs.

I write about what happens in my daily life, what gets me thinking, and what I discover while roaming around online. This isn’t a journal or a diary, it’s more of a lifestyle column.

 I have a B.A. in English Lit & a M.A. in Communications. Long before blogs existed I was destined to be a blogger. Make no mistake about it.

 I’ve worked as a paralegal, marketing researcher, merchandiser, sales rep, retail store manager, fundraiser, project manager, and writer. In other words, many jobs, no career.

In the spirit of the trend to describe something using three words, I am articulate, friendly, and candid.

 I’ve been told that I’m subtly subversive and I can own up to that. I figure it means I’m telling the truth while not getting bogged down in negativity.

 Today I live in a quirky suburb of a big midwestern city with my husband, Zen-Den, who I met in college. We are happy.

 My current motto, which changes from time-to-time, is: do no harm, but take no shit. Same with you?

~ ~ ~ ~