Best Of The Bean

These may not be the most popular posts I’ve written, but I like them and it’s my blog so I’ll do what I want. Thus I give you what I am calling the Best Of The Bean.

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One Martini & I’m Rebelling Against My Own Arbitrary Rule

The Tale Of A Kind Young Doctor Who Was As Lost As I Was

What The Sheriff Saw: A Story About Yours Truly Doing Her Gardening Chores

In Which Ms. Bean Answers Mr. Monk’s Question + The Names Of Measuring Spoons & Cups

A Photo Story: The Tale We Have Here Is Something Quite Dear

Comment Confidential: The Perks And Pitfalls Of Reaching Out To Newfound Bloggers

A Bug In My Beer: News & Nonsense From My Staycation

One-Liner Wednesday: A Memorable Piece Of Marital Advice From Aunt Ann

In Which I Wash My Mouth Out With Soap Because I Did Not Think Ahead

Nothing Sketchy: And Then Our Mailbox Made A Run For It

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