A Thursday Thirteen List: Stuff & Things I’m Waiting For, Late Winter Edition

Carpe diem? If only…

1. the kitchen table is in need of repainting [the pedestal part] and refinishing [the top part]. waiting for a bunch of sunny days in a row to do that.

2. an old diary written by my great-grandfather sits in a box in a closet in a spare bedroom. waiting to have the time to approach the historical society about it, hoping to donate it [and a bit more of his stuff] to them.

3. the last birch tree in the front yard has died and needs to be removed, stump included. waiting for dryer weather so the tree company can do that.

4. my desk is piled high with books, papers, stuff plus my normal pens, pencils, notepads. waiting for the muse of organization to move me to sort through the mess so I might feel less scattered.

5. the railing on the stairs between the first and second floors needs to be repainted. waiting for the gumption to do this tedious project whilst trying to decide which color to paint it this time.

6. the granite counters in the kitchen and laundry room are due for their annual sealing. waiting for a convenient time when we won’t need to use the kitchen for a few days to do that.

7. a few restaurant gift cards for places with lovely outdoor patios are taking up space in my wallet. waiting for the weather to get clear and warm, like into the 70s, so we can dine al fresco.

8. the posts that support the deck are going to be encased in the same Trex fascia that we used when we had the deck built. waiting for the product to come in and the exterior home improvement company to have the time to install it.

9. many old mirrors + framed art are sitting in the basement ready to go to Goodwill. waiting for the local donation center to reopen after its renovation is finished mid-March.

10. the husband is not really as unemployed as one might think he’d be after retiring. waiting until he gets his side hustles up and running to his satisfaction so that we might talk about going on vacation.

11. an ancient laptop sits uncharged in a guest bedroom that I hope to turn into my exercise | meditation | reading room. waiting to figure out the lighting in that room so that I can see the screen and start doing yoga daily in my own space.

12. our lumpy bed needs to be replaced. waiting to do a deep dive into information about and the expense involved in buying a new bed: mattress & frame + pillows & linens.

13. many paperback books that we read years ago are in need of being re-homed. waiting for sunny days so we can go for walks in city/county parks with little free libraries where I plan on leaving the aforementioned books, one at a time.

• 🤎 •


[Also any words of wisdom about any of my Thursday Thirteen items?]

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Thirteen Generic Phrases You Will Say Or Hear Today After Last Evening’s Presidential Debate

Isn’t it time we made politics fun again?  So today, as a way of mitigating the inevitable & incessant opining that happens after every presidential debate, I give you this list to distract & entertain you.  See how many of these phrases you can use or spot as the day wears on.  Bet it’ll be quite a few.

– – • – –

1)  Well, everyone’s entitled to his or her own opinion, I guess.  [Extra Points – if said by an uptight church lady in a condescending tone of voice]

2)  I really don’t think that he gets it.

3)  He didn’t answer the question!  How could he do that?!!!

4)  Hmmm.  [Extra Points – if said by a practical middle-aged woman in a tired tone of voice]

5)  Why does he HATE ____________ so much???

6)  That’s not what he said!!!

7)  It’s all because of the media, you know?

8)  You gotta be shi%%ing me!  [Extra Points – if said by an older man in a befuddled tone of voice]

9)  What are you talking about??  Just last week he said ____________.

10)  NO WAY!

11)  I dunno what he said.  I fell asleep.

12)  That. Is. Not. True.

13)  We gotta get this guy____________.  [Extra Points – if said by a hyper-partisan person in a defiant tone of voice]

– – • – –