In The Garden On A Mild Winter’s Day

Yesterday afternoon we had a few hours of weak sunshine.  I went outside for a walk around the house and was pleased with what I saw.  Instead of the usual winter grays and tans, I saw some pops of color. 

{Red: Holly Berries}


{Orange: Dried Sedum}


{Yellow: Dwarf Grasses}


{Green: Creeping Thyme}


{Blue: Afternoon Sky}


{Brown: Dried Leaves}


Around here winter is best known for its gloom, but seeing a bit of color in the garden yesterday made me forget that fact.  Instead, I was treated to a preview of what spring has to offer.  Warmth + hope + cheeriness.  

20 thoughts on “In The Garden On A Mild Winter’s Day

    • We usually have at least 6″ of snow by now, but this year after a gloomy last week of December it has all melted. It was 60ºF yesterday– which is not the norm at all.


  1. Great colors around your house! Maybe spring will come early. It has certainly been warm here–close to 80 yesterday and today and projected for tomorrow, too. I love the warmth and the sunshine. The sesinqua (sp?) bushes have been blooming since early Dec. They are like huge rose bushes, full of beautiful pink, rd, or white blooms. I’m looking forward to all the colors of spring in our neighborhood. I’m told that it is breathtaking.


    • Beth, thanks. We’ve finally got this garden to a point where there is something interesting to look at year round. Only took us 13 years, but we did it.

      I bet that your first spring in your new area will be something wonderful. No doubt with the flowers and the historic nature of the town, you’ll be in awe.


    • Cheri, thanks. I was so pleased to see these little unexpected pops of color. This has been a strange January, but I’ll take a bit of cheeriness whenever and wherever I can!


  2. Isn’t it lovely when you get a little bit of the feel of spring on it’s way. We’ve got snow forecast for the next few days, which we get quite badly here when it comes, but this morning the birds were singing and the sky was blueish and I almost forgot what is coming. Great photos. Polly


    • Polly, yes it is lovely to be reminded that spring will show up again. Your weather sounds about as goofy as our weather has been. Never know what to expect anymore, it seems.


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    • belle, it is weird for us to have this much color in January. I like it, but am suspicious of how long it’s going to last. Too warm, too soon means the spring bulbs might get whacked with a snowstorm and not bloom this year.


      • I hope warm weather stays your way! I know last year we had the same thing happen and it took my tulips forever to appear…

        I think I am just tired of the white snow and grey skies. January is a very rough month for me 🙂


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