Sometimes You Have To Give It Up For Winter’s Beauty

Living in the midwest it’s easy to forget that not all winter days are gloomy.  The gray becomes ubiquitous.


So seeing sunshine and blue skies and shimmery snow out my window yesterday made me smile all day.  I could even ignore the 14ºF temperature outside.


While it’s true that I enjoy summer’s showy colors, a February landscape dressed in neutrals is appealing, too.  It makes me feel grounded.


I believe that sometimes you’ve got to remember to stop and enjoy what is, especially when you live somewhere where a pretty winter day is a rarity.  Yesterday, grateful am I.

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14 thoughts on “Sometimes You Have To Give It Up For Winter’s Beauty”

  1. If there’s sun and I can get outside, I can pretty much appreciate any thing. Snow and dormant landscape has its’ own beauty – the lack of distracting color allows you to see shapes, lines, shadows, and contrast that would go unnoticed in summer’s party dress. And if some bright colored bird arrives as punctuation – what a showy scene.
    Love the pictures


    1. philmouse, you’ve described why I like this sunny winter day better than I did! We do have cardinals + blue jays back in the forest and when they show up it’s fun. Of course, I never have my camera at the ready when one of them arrives, so no photos. But really– they’re there.

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  2. First – fantastic photogrpahs. We sure live in a pretty place, and I am so glad you feel grounded and comfortable there. So do I.

    Second – the blog looks very nice. The circle came out great.


    1. Zen-Den, I agree it’s pretty here– most of the time. Yes, the circle and color scheme have worked out nicely. Thanks for your help. I like this fresh new look.


  3. You are so right. We don’t get a lot of sunshine in the winter but when we do it’s wonderful. I would appreciate winter is there wasn’t quite as much gloom. On the whole though, I never tire of the beautiful green of spring-summer-fall.


    1. Kate, I get tired of early spring colors, truth be known. Not that I’m a huge fan of gloomy winter days, but sunny ones trump early spring for me. Now summer and fall could go on forever, imho. As if I can make that happen!

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  4. They really are lovely photos. I enjoy snow most from inside the house but I meant to take some shots of the light dusting we had yesterday hanging around on the leaves still artistically piled around the yard and patio. It was really kind of pretty. It’s 50° and sunny today which is really my preferred February weather.


  5. I think snow is magical, but we get it so rarely that it’s a BIG DEAL here. I love cold, clear days, although we consider anything under 40 frigid. Right now we’re in a gray, rainy funk. It’s a nasty time of year.


    1. Margaret, I agree that snow can be magical… when it doesn’t close down the streets. This time we had these few inches and there was sunshine, so I liked what I saw. No street or school closures. Frigid around here is below 0ºF.


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