Weekend This & That

  I tried three new recipes.  One, Roasted Grape And Pecan Stuffing from Ladies’ Home Journal Nov ’11, was a keeper.  The other two, which I found online, were not worth the bother.  So it goes.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  I’m still fussing around with what to do about the drapes in the eat-in part of the kitchen.  Bay window, round table– and I’m indecisive about how high to hang the drapes.  All sorts of variables for me to fret over.  Life is in the details.  

√  I made us mint juleps with the end of the mint from our herb garden.  The weather forecast says that we’ll have a hard frost this week, so I doubt that the mint will be there next weekend.  Waste not, want not.

  I went with Zen-Den to a professional football game on Sunday afternoon.  The weather was in the lower 60s and Luther Vandross sang the national anthem.  We were in a box with a mellow group of people.  No stress, no fuss.  Just comfy seats and good food– watching the home team almost win.  Every little thing gonna be all right.

A Glimpse Within

In the course of getting to know a person have you ever seen a photo of the inside of his or her home and:

  1. knew immediately that you two were on the same healthy wavelength & moving to the same vibe?  Or,
  2. knew instantly that this person was not mentally balanced & that it was time to walk away from the relationship?

I’ve had both situations happen to me in the last month.

I’m not talking about judging the decorating style of a home as acceptable or unacceptable according to your own vision of beauty.  That’s subjective.

I’m talking about seeing how things are put together in someone’s home and realizing that this is not how self-aware, sane people do things.  That all your vague, non-specific doubts about this person have been confirmed by one glimpse within his or her home.  That he or she is, indeed,  just as crazy as you sensed he or she might be.   

My message here?  Pay attention.  Trust your gut.  Live happier.

If only I’d known this at a younger age, I could have avoided lots of awkwardness and craziness.  But I didn’t.

Now I do.

Well, Who’d Of Thought?

For a pleasantly scented work area do this:

  • Go for an early morning walk.
  • Upon returning home but before entering the house– pluck stray dried leaves out of the pot of rosemary that sits on the front stoop.
  • Enter home and immediately go to desktop computer to catch up on email.
  • When finished with email– shower and dress for the day.
  • Return to home office and sit down in front of computer to start day in earnest.

Result?  The most delightfully aromatic keyboard I ever did smell.  🙂

Behind The Scenes With A NaBloPoMo Blogger

As of today I’m one-third of the way through my commitment to post something on this blog every day this month.

√  I’m amazed by how easy it is for me to come up with ideas about what to write here each day.  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised;  I’m a generalist after all. 

  On the flip side, I’m worn out by the actual writing and posting of said ideas.  Daily posting takes more time than you can possibly imagine– says the free spirit who usually keeps this blog on a more casual basis.

  As per my desire to meet more bloggers, I’ve introduced myself to 10 bloggers who are also doing NaBloPoMo Seven have stopped by here to say “hi!” right back.  Good to know that there are other people who are willing to reach out and meet someone new.

  The total word count on my posts to-date is: 2765.  If I was doing NaNoWriMo, which asks a person to commit to writing a 50,000 word novel during the month of November, I’d be at the 16,667 word count mark by now.  Clearly, I’m a blogger and not a novelist.  A woman’s got to know her limits.  

~ ~ ~ 

[And the seven bloggers who have stopped by to say “hi” are: alejnaJaneKristenLauraMelisaPollyZazzy.  Click on a name.  Meet someone new.]

~ ~ ~

The End Of The Season

• • •

Yesterday, on a whim, as I was heading home I decided to stop and take some photos of a canoe rental place that I drive by from time to time.  The place was deserted, but the sun was shining brightly and there was a certain charm to the emptiness.

• • •

• • •

• • •

• • •

• • •

• • •

• • •

I always wonder how this place stays in business, yet every spring it reappears.  Just like daffodils in the garden or major league baseball on the radio.  Gotta love it– even if I never, ever want to go canoeing!

• • •

Dull. Duller. Dullest.

One of the reasons that I don’t post to my blog every day is that I have nothing interesting to share with you, my gentle readers.  If something happens to me or if I have an epiphany of some sort, I post to my blog.  Easy, peasy– mac & cheesy.  And if nothing happens, then I say nothing.

It’s a simple plan, and under normal circumstances I wouldn’t bother you with a post about nothing.  BUT THESE ARE NOT NORMAL TIMES, my friends.  No, this is the month of November and I’ve committed before God and all of the internets that I’M GOING TO POST SOMETHING to my sweet little bloggy EVERY DAY OF THIS MONTH.

Hence, I give you this update re: my day thus far.

1) I had routine blood work done today.  I fasted for what turned out to be 14 hours beforehand.  Breakfast tasted very, very good.  {Dull}

2) I voted today.  I went all Nancy Reagan and just said NO.  Our state is run by a bunch of idiots right now, so not letting them do the things that they want to do is a good idea imho.  {Duller}

3)  I went to Lowe’s today.  I found, in one place, all the clip rings that we need to hang our new drapes in the eat-in part of our kitchen.  Let the spiffication begin.  {Dullest}

And that’s all I have to say now.  I’ve done what I’d said that I’d do— both in the blogosphere and in my real life. So LET’S CALL TODAY A WIN and move on to tomorrow where I know something interesting will happen.  I hope… if for nothing more than the sake of my blog posts.