The V-beam Laser: Looking Puffy, Feeling Angsty

HERE’S WHAT’S UP with me this week: I’m at home hiding inside my house.  This is because I had a V-beam laser treatment at the doctor’s office a few days ago and now my face, as it heals, is a puffy mess.

Yes, I look like a cross between a jack-o-lantern and a piglet.  Well, not orange or pink, but structurally that’s what I look like.  In bright red.  Like I spent the day at the beach without sunblock.

# # #

SO WHY DID I have another V-beam treatment?  Good question.  Glad you asked.

I suffer from rosacea.  This means that my face gets all red and blotchy because of annoying spider veins, blood vessels and broken capillaries which show through my pale skin.  ‘Tis not pretty.

And it is embarrassing because I look like I’m embarrassed even though I know that I’m not.  This, in turn, makes me flush red because I’m embarrassed about how I look embarrassed when I’m not really embarrassed.  [With me here?]

# # #

THE PROPENSITY FOR rosacea occurs within anyone with a northern European heritage.  It’s genetics, people.  And as such you have three options.

  1. Ignore it and pretend that looking like a drunk all the time is exactly the image you want to project;
  2. Avoid certain trigger foods and drinks while taking daily antibiotics to tame the redness;  OR
  3. Have periodic V-beam laser treatments at the doctor’s office to zap those annoying ugly red veins, vessels and capillaries out of existence.

# # #

BUT ROSACEA IS a condition for which there is no cure;  one can only manage the symptoms.  To wit, each round of laser treatments destroys some of the veins, vessels and capillaries, but there are always more just waiting to make their appearance on your face.

Which is why I’m once again at home avoiding the sun, dodging all mirrors and waiting for my face to not feel fat.  If experience holds true, the results will be worth it… but the wait is making me angsty.

# # #

[Not my doctors, but some V-beam laser information if you’re interested.]

University of North Carolina

University of Virginia

YouTube video of doctor doing procedure like the one I had done.

When A Squirrel Takes A Fancy To Your House, This Can Happen

• • • 


He might decide one morning to catch a few rays on the deck.

• • •

I’M NOT GOING TO bother to tell you ALL the back story of The Squirrel Wars that go on here in this subdivision.  Suffice to say, in the past, we had to hire someone, with humane traps, to remove all the little chirpy baby squirrels and their parents from our attic/roof.  Then we had to get someone else to repair our roof.  This kind-hearted approach succeeded in keeping the squirrels away from our property until this year.

• • •


He might decide one evening to dine al fresco leaving the remains of his dinner for a fly.

• • • 

ON THE OTHER HAND our former next door neighbor, a retired Army colonel, decided on a more aggressive way to deal with the squirrels.  He hired someone to put spring-loaded traps in the gutters where the squirrels liked to nest.  Then when a squirrel stepped on the trap, the squirrel was speared through the heart, thrown over the edge of the gutter and left to dangle to death under the gutter from a rope attached to the base of the trap.

It was gruesome– and ultimately not so effective.  The squirrels immediately took revenge on the colonel’s house, bird feeders and tree branches causing him more trouble than you can imagine.  While I’m not a fan of squirrels, I did think the colonel’s approach was a bit [shall we say?] extreme and will admit that I enjoyed watching him lose to a bunch of squirrels.

• • •


He might decide one afternoon to take a siesta in the pot behind the zinnias.

• • • 

BUT THAT WAS THEN and this is now.  Which is to say that over the last month one lone squirrel has taken a fancy to our house.  I’m not thrilled by it, but as we are past breeding season and there is no indication of a wife and family anywhere in the house, I’m trying to live in peaceful harmony with this sun-loving, tomato-eating, pot-snoozing, gutter-lounging squirrel who insists on calling our house his home.

• • • 


He might decide on a stormy afternoon to lounge in a gutter daydreaming of sunny days.

• • • 

The Good News Is That The Neighbors Are Getting A New Roof

I cannot catch a break lately.

Last week as I watched my life get rather wonky, I decided that on this Monday, when I had nothing scheduled, I’d hang out on our screened-in porch.  I figured that I’d take my laptop out there and set up camp for the day.  To do this, all I need to do is to move the round glass-topped side table in front of a wicker lounge chair, add a few pillows for back support, reposition a smaller wooden side table for my mug of coffee– and I’m good to go.

And considering that the weather today is finally sunny + clear + mild, you’d think that I’d be out there, wouldn’t you?  Doing my own suburban take on Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Walden Pond lifestyle.  Finding spiritual inspiration sitting next to the trees with the birds chirping and the squirrels squirreling.  Being all peaceful and such.

But I’m not.

Instead, I’m in my home office with the French doors to the foyer closed, shades on windows down, trying to ignore the loud ruckus that is going on next door– and in front of my house.  This is because my peaceful screened-in porch sanctuary looks out upon the chaos and mess going on next door as a new roof is being installed.  Meaning that I am not feeling passionately at one with the whole world a la RWE, but I am feeling passive like a victim of Lemony Snicket’s Unfortunate Events.

However, be that as it may, looking on the brighter side of things, the neighbors are getting a new roof that they need after theirs was done-in by some hail damage last summer.  So this is necessary.  And when this is all finished I’ll be the one who gets to look at the prettiest roof in town.

So there’s that.

~ ~ • ~ ~

~ Pretty Pillows Not Being Used By Me Today ~

~ Pretty Pillows Not Being Used By Me Today ~


“Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen.  Keep in the sunlight.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

~ ~ • ~ ~

My energy this week has been scattered.  Some moments I’ve been focused + productive.  But other moments (most moments) I’ve been angsty + worried.  Then add in the fact that this is a 4-day work week– and I don’t know what I’m all about.


While it is true that I am more comfortable than most with the vagaries of life, this week I’ve felt out of sorts about my lack of progress or connection or accomplishment or whatever.  Scattered, I tell you.


So yesterday afternoon I decided that the best thing for me to do was to see what I could see outside around the house.  I thought that a distraction would be good.  Naturally I took my camera with me.

DSCN0269It was a hazy sunny day which meant that most of my photos weren’t clear– just kind of a fuzzy, glare-y mess.  Rather like my week.  And with the sun in my eyes, those photos that were clear tended to have lousy composition– off-kilter or scattered.  Still a few of them turned out okay.


And so on that positive note, I’m off to enjoy a summer weekend where being scattered is a plus.  On the agenda we have a walk in a county park [on the other side of town];  a meal at an English pub [in another part of town];  an art show [in an entirely different direction];  and a cocktail hour on the terrace next to the woods [out the back door].  Life may be scattered for me now, but it is good.  Happy Weekend everyone!

I Hate Fickle

fick•le adjective 

Definition of FICKLE – : marked by lack of steadfastness, constancy, or stability : given to erratic changeableness

Origin of FICKLE – Middle English fikel deceitful, inconstant, from Old English ficol deceitful; akin to Old English befician to deceive, and probably to Old English fāh hostile


•  So this morning it is still snowing here.  Pathetic.  I am tired of this stuff.  I am depressed because I cannot make any progress on any of my health + home decorating goals.  I am bored being stuck inside.  I feel like I have lost the month of March, one of my favorites, to fickleness.

•  This last week or so I’ve used my iPad more.  It’s a great device if you want to consume something.  Read an article or a book.  Watch a movie or a TV show.  Play a game.  Wonderful.  Easy.  But when it comes to creating an email message or a blog comment I find it awkward.  Fickle even.

This cute little machine auto-corrects willy-nilly and often sends/publishes what I write before I’m finished writing it.  So if you’ve received something from me that doesn’t make sense, know that it came from me & my iPad.  And that I am trying to get more comfortable using it.  There’s a learning curve here.

•  And while I’m in a complaining mood, let’s talk about advertisements.  In just the last few months I’ve seen more adverts on blogs & in magazines & on cable TV & in my snail mailbox than ever before.  And I don’t like this trend.  It seems desperate.

It is visual clutter and/or wasteful.  And, quite truthfully, when I see or receive lots of advertisements I immediately wonder what is really going on.  My spidey senses tell me that I am now the product and that someone is trying to use me.  Deceive me, perhaps.  It is fickle [in the original meaning of the word], ‘ya know?