Seed Money


In the spring I usually buy my tomatoes and herbs as small plants from the local garden nursery.

But this year I decided to try to grow the little plants from seed inside the house, hoping to transplant them outside when the weather is warmer.

So what do you think?  Will these seeds grow?

Or have I squandered $13.84 on this investment?!

18 thoughts on “Seed Money

  1. Kim, I hope all my little seeds grow. I feel a bit like a kid in 7th grade science class. This is my homework assignment– and I really need to get an “A” on this assignment to pass the class.


  2. Of course your seeds will grow! And it’ll be so much fun to watch your little baby seeds sprout. I never tire of watching plants grow.

    I’d love to do this with my girls, but we sadly don’t have any sunny spots in the house. (Well, we have one sunny spot in the house: the crib. And I’d gaurantee the seeds would not grow if they were sharing space with Miss Baby!) I don’t think they’d grow without sunshine, but maybe I’m wrong.


  3. Stephanie, I appreciate your enthusiasm for my little project. I did this on the spur of the moment when I saw the seed display at Lowes– and thought: “why not?”

    I’m not sure either about the need for direct sunlight. I just assumed that you needed it to make seeds grow. Interesting question.


  4. I love your icon …. daisies are the friendliest flowers (a quote from YOU’VE GOT MAIL) …. which, by the way, is one of my favorite movies 🙂


  5. Kim, I liked that movie, too. I’d forgotten about that line.

    [Thanks for noticing my icon. It took more time than you can imagine for me to figure out how to get it to show up here on the comments. A techie, I am not.]


  6. did you only squander $13? i think i spent £80 online alone…but we’re going to have a LOT of different kinds of beans. and strangely eggplant. i went a little nuts on the eggplant varieties.


  7. crap, i tabbed and hit post comment before i was done…i think you have a stellar outcome, but you might also need to buy a few plants at the nursery. just for fun. 🙂 do keep us posted on how it goes!


  8. julochka, I was miserly about trying this project so I kept the tab under $15.00. If all goes well this year, next year I’ll be try more seeds.

    I’ll be especially interested in finding out how your eggplant seeds do. That sounds like yum to me.


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