You Have To Latch On To The Affirmative

You’ll be happy to know that the physical therapist, recommended by my doctor to evaluate my lower back strength and flexibility, has established that I have the hamstrings of a Rockette.”

This is a good thing.

You’ll be equally happy to know that said physical therapist, who is the epitome of tact and grace, did not mention my Mama Cass Eliott thighs.

Not once.

Reflecting on the above I have concluded that: 1) I’ll take good news, no matter how unique, wherever I find it;  and 2) it’s time for me to get walking on a regular basis again.

7 thoughts on “You Have To Latch On To The Affirmative

  1. julochka, the physical therapist was sooooo serious when she told me about my hamstrings. I had to stiffle a laugh because she meant it as a compliment. Glad that you got a chuckle out of it, too.


  2. I would love to have the hamstrings of a Rockette but unfortunately I have the hamstrings of the the Lincoln Memorial Abraham Lincoln. Just think how tight his hamstrings are after sitting there for over 90 years. He would have a hard time straighten his legs if he tried to stand up and some days I know exactly how he feels.


  3. la p, you’ve given me a wonderful visual of your hamstrings. lol.

    Margaret, I’ve not pulled a hamstring… yet. Of course, my quads are as weak as tea made with a used teabag so having good hamstrings may be my only blessing.


  4. I remember how flexible you were — always able to raise your leg to your head! It’s nice to get compliments. Bet it made your day!


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