Five Senses Friday

~ ~ • ~ ~


slightly anxious about home improvement decisions that we will be making this weekend


orchestral version of “Somewhere” (West Side Story) on classical radio station [not quite sure what’s up with that]


freshly brewed black coffee


bright pink petunias growing every which way in the planting bed next to the front sidewalk


the slightly herbal, kind of citrus-y scent from my bath soap

~ ~ • ~ ~

{This wonderful idea is from abby try again.   If you wish, you may play along in the comments below or on your own blog.}

5 thoughts on “Five Senses Friday

  1. Feeling: Invigorated and ready to finish the laundry and mow the lawn after taking Mozart for a walk.
    Hearing: All kinds of music in my head – band music, flute quartet music, woodwind quintet music!
    Tasting: Iced tea
    Seeing: beautiful flowers everywhere around the house because of all the spotty rain lately.
    Smelling: Coconut body lotion.

    Fun game!


  2. Feeling: anxious about several issues
    Hearing: construction pounding from a house behind ours
    Tasting:Nothing at the moment
    Seeing: my computer screen. 🙂
    Smelling: scentsy blackberry vanilla.


  3. Feeling: sleepy and dopey- my allergies are in overdrive.
    Hearing: the click-clack of the doggie door magnet and the click-click of doggie nails across the kitchen linoleum as one of my dogs rushes back inside.
    Tasting: honey sweetened tea.
    Seeing: if I can get through the day without falling to sleep.
    Smelling: the coffee my husband is brewing.


  4. Oh boy, more people played along. I like how this simple exercise forces you to focus on the here-and-now. Something light and immediate. Cool beans.


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