Red, Wet & Blue

Our Fourth of July weekend was rainy, damp, humid.  No picnic in the park.  No day at the zoo.  No baseball game with fireworks afterward.  Instead, we had a weekend that only a mold spore could love.

Not. Too. Exciting.

So having nothing festive and fun to do, Zen-Den and I decided to be very grown-up and act like serious homeowners.  First, we super scrubbed the kitchen— oven, cabinet doors, pantry, freezer, granite counter tops.  Granted the kitchen wasn’t particularly dirty to begin with, but I have to admit that it’s amazing how shiny it looks now.  Clean and inviting.  Quite the happy space.

Then Z-D painted the sitting room— aka the un-bedroom.  After much debate about what color to put on the walls, we chose a very pale shade of gray that reads slightly blue.  Combined with the room’s white trim, this shade of gray creates a relaxing and easy space.  Rather like being inside a cloud.  Airy.  Filled with possibility.

And that, kids, was our weekend.  Not the traditional sort of Fourth of July celebration that we all know and love– but a practical use of our time.  Which, God willing the creek don’t rise, means that next weekend we can have some fun.

Let’s hope, shall we?

3 thoughts on “Red, Wet & Blue

  1. Love the picture, by the way–looks like the rain has made your pots very lush!
    We did no deep cleaning at all — and haven’t for a while—it will always be there if we so desire. So we are definitely not “grown-up serious homeowners”! 🙂
    Our neighborhood goes crazy for the 4th. It seems that everyone buys armloads of fireworks and shoots them off for hours the whole weekend. Poor Mozart does not like this holiday. He spends it under the covers.
    We spent a lot of time in used bookstores this weekend. It was very relaxing and fun.


  2. LOVED the mold spore reference–it’s how we’ve felt this whole year in my region. We’ve had some glorious weather lately though; no one is complaining. I like the sound of that color. We will eventually have to paint the inside of our house, cathedral ceilings and all. (ugh)


  3. Beth, the one good thing about all this wetness is that the flower pots around the house (petunias in particular) look gorgeous. Everything else outside looks like the forest prime evil.

    Margaret, the color we picked is lovely imho. We have those cathedral ceilings too, so when we painted those rooms this time we made darn certain that we were sure that we liked the color! I understand your reluctance to start the project.


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