Reflections On A Vacation Not Taken

“I do not know everything;  still many things I understand.”  ~ Goethe

It’s unseasonably warm and slightly overcast here this morning.  I’m all for this unusually warm weather.  I don’t need the sunshine to make me feel like winter is over.  The warmth alone is enough to give my spirits a boost.

I got up later than my usual 6:00 a.m. today and decided to drink my morning coffee out on our screened-in porch.  We keep two old chairs and a make-shift table out there all winter long– just in case the weather allows us the opportunity to sit outside.

I got thinking as I sat outside this morning.  When Z-D and I sat down in early January to plan our vacation days, we had thought that we’d go somewhere together in March.  A spring escape to get away from the crushing gray of winter was what we had in mind.

At first we were going to San Diego.  Then it was Desert Springs.  Then it was Phoenix.  Then it was Tucson.  Then it was L.A.

But nothing would fit together quite right… his work schedule, our frequent flyer miles, our frequent snoozer points, our attitudes.  It just didn’t work for us.  So, we gave up the idea of vacationing in March.  There’s always April, we said.

However, now that I’ve spent a warm mellow morning out on our porch I have to admit that staying at home seems like a good idea.  Nice to hang out at home in my jammies and slippers.  Wonderful to kick back and plan my day with a mug of coffee at hand.  Very pleasant and rejuvenating.  Just like a late winter vacation in March, only much less expensive.

All of which makes me wonder if going on a vacation in April will be worth the bother.  We’ll see, of course.  Time– and hotel/airline prices– will tell.

12 thoughts on “Reflections On A Vacation Not Taken

  1. That urn is a very clever little table – and I bet it doesn’t blow over. I see something similar in my future. As for vacations, how about something in between? Do you have hot springs near you? Or a romantic bed and breakfast a few towns over? Any nearby historic sites or museums you’ve been meaning to explore?


    • winsomebella, it is. Even prettier when we get the wicker furniture in place for the summer. That’s why I don’t mind not traveling when I can get outside onto the screened-in porch.


  2. Love the ambiance of your place. So, a staycation it is? 😉 We’re hoping for NYC in May and LA in fall, depending on my husband’s health. Hoping really hard.


    • Margaret, the ambiance is compelling. Even without all the wicker furniture it’s nice out on the screened-in porch.

      I hope that you make it to your two destinations, too. Bet that you will. You’re much more organized and determined about vacations than I am.


  3. I had that wonderful feeling of sipping a mug full of chai tea latte the other morning when no one was in the house. It was such a wonderful moment and a great way to start my day!


    • Cheri, that sort of moment is what I was having as I sat outside [in winter] the other morning. It was so pleasant to not have to do a thing… at least for a few minutes.


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