Life, Vacation Days & The Pursuit of Home-i-ness

Here’s the deal.

Zen-Den, who is usually a very organized sort of fellow, forgot to take one week of his vacation last year.  Well, to be fair, he didn’t exactly forget;  he wasn’t aware that he had another week of vacation until the last week of December when HR told him that he did.

Therefore, as per the rules of the company, Z-D is permitted [required?] to take his extra week of vacation this year.  Kind of nice that his workplace wants him to take all of his vacation days, isn’t it?  Even nicer that said workplace makes allowances for a clueless goof hardworking individual, such as Mr. Bean, to use his vacation days later… once he knows that he has them.


The upshot of all this is that this week we’ve decided to stay home and get some projects completed.

And man-oh-man do we have a doozy of a list of things to do around the house. Which means that when we’re not gardening, refinishing, hanging up things, caulking holes, painting trim {et cetera, et cetera}, we’ll be going for walks [maybe in city parks?] &/or just plain lollygagging on the screened-in porch [white wine spritzers, anyone?].

But here’s the thing.

There’s a very good chance that this is going to be the only blog post that I’ll write this week.  I actually have a few other topics to discuss with you, but I don’t see myself as having the time & energy & quietness that I need to put real words to virtual paper.  [I’m a very slow and deliberate writer.]

So now, having shared the who/what/when/where/why/& how of my upcoming week, I’m going to wander off, find Zen-Den and start. being. productive.  Later, kids– projects await me.

[As always, click on photos to embiggen.]

12 thoughts on “Life, Vacation Days & The Pursuit of Home-i-ness

  1. Sounds like you have a lot to do! Love it when an unexpected few days free comes up. Also love that word “lollygagging”. Haven’t heard that in a very long time. In fact, I’ve never heard it, only read it in stories. It’s great that real people lollygag too. Hope you have an amazing week. Polly x


    • Polly, wrote this post and still haven’t gotten away from the keyboard! So, I’ll answer you now.

      “Lollygagging” was one of my mother’s favorite words. She felt that everybody needed to schedule time in each day to “lollygag and fritter.” Don’t know that I normally do that, but this week I’m [we’re] going to do just that.


  2. I like how your projects leave you reminder notes! Of course, I might kick my plants if they left me reminders…. Have a fun working vacation!


  3. Oh gosh, those are valuable days. I hope that all of your projects get done without any unexpected obstacles. Enjoy your week of getting stuff done!


    • Kristen, you’re so right about the porch. It’s very inviting– and once we get sitting out there, time just floats away. However, things must get done around here, so the porch is only allowed later in the day.


    • Margaret, it was very kind of our projects to leave those notes, wasn’t it? Many more projects wanted to leave notes, but they didn’t have the time to do so. 😉


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