Isn’t This Pretty?

Sunshine through the front door sidelight…

makes a pretty pattern on the stairway wall.

But in the nearby living room…

the light becomes magical.

It dances on the wall behind the chair…

and adds color + shadows to a forgotten corner.

Today’s lesson?

Follow the light & see where it will take you.

Published by

Ally Bean

Observant. Humorous. Adaptable. Charmingly cynical. Midwestern by chance. Kindhearted by choice. Fond of words.

18 thoughts on “Isn’t This Pretty?”

  1. Lovely! We hang a crystal in our bedroom window because it catches the early morning sunshine and makes rainbows on the wall and bedding, which our 4 year old also loves. Your second to last photo looks like the Northern Lights!


    1. Polly, I like that idea of a crystal hanging somewhere in the house. Will keep that in mind.

      I hadn’t thought of it, but you’re right– that photo does look like the Northern Lights. Kind of trippy.


    1. tori, it really is quite pretty– and rather unexpected. We haven’t lived with this door for a whole year yet, so each season is something new to me.


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