Isn’t This Pretty?

Sunshine through the front door sidelight…

makes a pretty pattern on the stairway wall.

But in the nearby living room…

the light becomes magical.

It dances on the wall behind the chair…

and adds color + shadows to a forgotten corner.

Today’s lesson?

Follow the light & see where it will take you.

18 thoughts on “Isn’t This Pretty?

  1. Lovely! We hang a crystal in our bedroom window because it catches the early morning sunshine and makes rainbows on the wall and bedding, which our 4 year old also loves. Your second to last photo looks like the Northern Lights!


    • Polly, I like that idea of a crystal hanging somewhere in the house. Will keep that in mind.

      I hadn’t thought of it, but you’re right– that photo does look like the Northern Lights. Kind of trippy.


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