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{april – monday – morning}

√  I told you something hinky was going on.  If you follow me on Twitter you might remember that last Thursday I tweeted: “There’s a sheriff’s helicopter circling the ravine behind our house & 2 police cars racing up/down the street. This is not normal.”  Over the weekend I found out what had happened right here… in the ravine behind our house… in the middle of the day.

A police officer noticed a car without license plates driving through town.  It was a stolen car.  So, the police chased the four men in the stolen car into a cul-de-sac in our subdivision where the driver of the car crashed the car into a tree.  The police immediately apprehended one man, but the other three men escaped on foot and headed into the ravine that runs throughout this subdivision.

That’s when the helicopter started circling our house.  Eventually, [about 10 minutes I’d estimate] thanks to the helicopter overhead the police caught the other three miscreants without any shots fired or destruction of personal property.  Good job, eh?

√  We planted the pots by our front door with coleus this year.  We chose Mosaic, Jazz Rose + Black Dragon with a spike in the middle for height.  The colors should coordinate nicely with the green pot itself and the surrounding red barberry bushes.  [For an abstract rendering of the colors we’re working with go here to this cool blog called Field Trips in Fiber.]

√  I tried a new recipe.  On Friday I found this recipe, Homemade Chocolate Pudding with Baileys, in a blog called My Baking Addiction.  I realized that I had almost the correct ingredients in our pantry, so I decided to make the pudding with what I had on hand.

Because I used fat-free half & half (instead of heavy cream) + 10 bite-size pieces of dark chocolate candy (instead of semi-sweet chocolate) what I made was more of a sauce than a pudding.  Which does not matter because this was the most delicious tasting almost-pudding I’ve ever had.  I’ll make this recipe again with [or without] the correct ingredients to eat as pudding– or to put on toasted pound cake + vanilla ice cream.

√  As some of you know, I collect Le Creuset coffee mugs.  I have one of each color.  This weekend I got a mug in the newest color, Marseille.  I’d describe it as robin egg blue-ish [peacock blue-ish?].  Alone it is a lovely shade, but in our house it truly goes with nothing.  Zilch.

All of our blues are cobalt, or denim, or rather grayed– and this new color with a touch of green in it looks very out-of-place.  Still, it makes my collection complete, so it can stay.  But nothing else of this color will be entering my house if I can help it.

23 thoughts on “This & That

  1. Sounds like and interesting week. I live in Suburbia but close enough to DC that a circling helicopter would probably not catch my radar. I not sure I think that is a good thing.


    • domesticateddilettante, I hadn’t thought about Fiestaware, but you are so right. That line has so many colors that I’d lose my mind trying to collect it. I bet that it’s pretty to have around once you figure it all out.


      • It is sheer insanity to collect Fiesta. I have realy old (hand-me-downs from great-grands via my mom) and newer which we use every day. I add to BOTH collections regularly. And I even have a new-old set that is packed up and going with middle son to his first apartment. (He IS going to get an apartment some day, right???)

        Happy Monday!


        • Terry, I admire your ability to keep collections of similar objects straight in your mind. It sounds like a crazy sort of fun, really. And I’m sure that middle son will appreciate your efforts… once he gets around to leaving.


    • Zazzy, I like the new blue, but it is jarring with the shades of blue we have going on already. If I was starting over, I’d like Marseille much better.

      Thanks for the link. Will print it out and try it the next time I decide to make pudding from scratch– making certain to have the proper ingredients on hand this time. 😉


  2. Love all the colours from Le Crueset, so vibrant! One day, I would like a house big enough for a dresser big enough to display some of that. It would bring so much energy to my space.


  3. Here when I a helicopter is overhead, I out of habit check to make sure the doors are locked. (Far too frequent, but often the coast guard or life flight as we are near the coast and hospitals. Our old neighborhood, helicopters were always bad news.) Glad things resolved safely and quickly there.
    I can see why you collect the mugs – nice shape and colors. I have Fiesta smaller/roundish coffee mugs ( I drink coffee slow due to interruptions – and only pour out a little at a time – so smaller is better). I inherited a bunch of the old 50’s Fiesta, so just filled in with some new.
    Colors make the mornings cheerier!


    • philosophermouse, helicopters fly over us in straight lines going from one hospital to another, but I’ve never seen one circle before. I immediately checked all the doors + windows like you.

      The LC mugs are a pretty shape and very easy to hold. I like Fiesta, but never got started on it. Your inherited collection sounds fun.


  4. Circling helicopters scare me; they always mean big news. I want a BORING life. That color sounds interesting. Is it supposed to be the color of the Mediterranean at Marseille? 😉


    • Margaret, I know what you mean about helicopters– they are scary when they are low over your house.

      Yes, Marseille is supposed to be the color of the Mediterranean. It’s a very pretty shade, but oh does it clash in our house. Oy vey!


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