Hope Springeth Eternal In A Garden

The dianthus & salvia are in full bloom now.  After last autumn’s heavy rains that turned this planting bed into a mud pit, I didn’t know what to expect this spring.  But obviously the combo of rain + mild winter temperatures made for healthy plants with particularly intense colors.

Funny how things can work out for the best in a garden.

~ • ~

We planted this false blue indigo last summer but it didn’t thrive.  In the fall I was ready to pull it out because I thought that it was dead.  That’s how pathetic it looked.  But Zen-Den, who has much more patience with gardening than I do, said “let it be.”  He was right because look how vibrant this plant is now, and it’s not even in full bloom yet.

I just love being wrong about things like this.

~ • ~

I adore zinnias but have never had much success growing them from seed.  In fact a few years ago in a fit of frustration I said that I’d never try to grow them again.  But then I saw these starts at a garden center for a whooping $1.29 each, and I figured at that bargain price I had little to lose by trying once again to grow zinnias.

Wish me luck.  It could happen, right?

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15 thoughts on “Hope Springeth Eternal In A Garden”

  1. That is really looking great! Someday I might tackle the beds, which are badly overgrown and full of weeds. Perhaps my lawncare/landscaper guy will have some ideas if he ever shows up. But seriously, beautiful plants and path.


  2. Guess plants decide where they do best – and are best left alone? Pretty! ( good luck with the zinnas…keep them in a pot so you can move them until figure out where they want to be? Then mark the spot for next year!)
    Nice post


  3. Hi, Your garden is really looking pretty. The rosy-pink color of the Dianthus looks great against the green background. Good luck with the zinnias. Hope they bloom all summer. Have a great weekend!


    1. Betty, thanks. I’m always charmed by dianthus. I’ve got my fingers crossed about the zinnias. I really like them. Maybe this year they’ll respond positively to my care– instead of croaking dramatically without warning.


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