Tea On Tuesday

a few thoughts while I drink my tea…

::  I didn’t wake up this morning until 8:30 a.m.  I’m usually up around 6:00 a.m. but somehow I slept in this morning.  We had a very busy weekend so maybe I’m catching up on my sleep.  For the first time in weeks, I feel refreshed + focused.

::  It’s wet & overcast gray here today.  The temps are about what I’d expect for Spring– in the 60s.  Tomorrow’s weather prediction is for sunshine, but today I’m sitting inside the house in semi darkness while enjoying the sound of spring rain tapping on the windows.  Peaceful.

::  Looking outside I’m reminded of how most of my days looked when I was studying at the University of Exeter in Devon, England.  Lush + green + ever so gray.  There was something wonderful & reckless about the flora around that university.  Beautiful, really.

::  I made myself a pot of tea this morning.  I’m usually a coffee in the morning girl.  But once in a while when the weather gets a certain way, I pull my little blue teapot off the shelf and make myself a proper cuppa reminiscent of my adventures in the UK.  With milk + sugar, of course.

::  I have nothing planned for this week.  Not. one. thing.  Even for me, an introvert who likes to spend hours on end by myself, that’s unusual.  If the past is any clue about how this week will go, I’ll be writing & reading & researching my hours away.  There are worse ways to spend your time.

18 thoughts on “Tea On Tuesday

  1. That post made me sit up straight! You studied at Exeter! What did you study? How did that come about? Have you already blogged about it? I would love to do what you did – not Exeter, but study in another country. New York maybe. PS – I looked up Le Creuset coffee cups and we can only get the little espresso ones here. I’m going to investigate ebay. I like the idea of a different colour cup each day. 🙂


    • Polly, I went to a liberal arts university here in the USA that had an exchange program with Exeter. As an English major I was encouraged to go overseas– with a group of students under a professor’s guidance– for one semester. We studied mostly lit, but also history + music. We also travelled together all over the UK. I’ve never written about it anywhere– hadn’t thought of it in years until today!

      I like my LC mugs. They’re sturdy + fun. I hope that you find some. Or… if you come to the USA to study you can buy some then!


  2. Well, so much for my day of quiet contemplation! It’s noisy around here now. The landscaping crew is here [unannounced] and putting in the sprinkler system. Why they are doing this in the rain is anyone’s guess, but that’s what they are doing.


        • I knew what you meant. 🙂 [I wonder how many times you or I have had to correct what we said while commenting on the other one’s blog? I mean, we’ve been goofing up for YEARS now, haven’t we?]

          And yes, my quiet has been shattered. And from the look of how far along these guys are, I’d say they’re going to be here another day or two. At least tomorrow I’ll know to get my car out of the garage before they arrive.


          • “At least tomorrow I’ll know to get my car out of the garage before they arrive.”
            Don’t you hate it when you think you haven’t thought ahead and are caught flatfooted?

            …we’ve been goofing up for YEARS now, haven’t we?”
            That’s because I don’t proof read anything I write before I hit enter. What’s your excuse. 😉


    • Margaret, where is WA? Is that Washington? My US geography has gaps. Have you been to the UK too? Although England is always thought of as a nation of tea drinkers, coffee has certainly taken a big share since the advent of Starbucks / Neros / Costa over here. Now we have decent coffee, we’re drinking much more of it. Who would have nipped out of the office for an instant coffee from a greasy spoon? Nipping out for an espresso-made latte is much better! I can’t stand tea, but love a decent coffee.


      • Polly, when I was in England brewed coffee wasn’t tasty, but instant coffee was available & a tolerable choice. I like both tea & coffee so I can be happy with either in the morning. But Z-D prefers coffee in the morning, so I usually make that for us.

        [And in case Margaret doesn’t get back here to answer your question: she’s talking about the state of Washington which is in the far NW corner of the USA. It’s wet, green, hilly and near the ocean– rather like your island!]


        • Thanks Ally. I would love to spend more time in the US, such a vast country full of variety and fascinating people. I’ve only been to San Francisco and south of there as far as Monterey and I loved it. One day!


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