Hello August, You Cheerful Colorful Month

Our flower garden has become a magical swirl of color…


from the salmon-colored roses that catch your eye…


to the purple petunias that help a pig take flight…


to the bright pink roses that keep the bees buzzing…


to a hand-painted pot of orange zinnias that add some love.


In other words, our garden today looks nothing like it did on a cold February day six months ago.  *brrr*  The transformation is amazing.

29 thoughts on “Hello August, You Cheerful Colorful Month

  1. I like the flying pig! I’ve been kind of longing for autumn lately but it really doesn’t seem that it’s just around the corner. And snow. Snow will be coming.


    • Zazzy, I adore autumn so I know what you mean. But in the meantime I thought that I’d adopt a positive attitude about summer beauty. I mean, like you said, snow will be coming soon enough.


  2. My flowers are very colorful too, but it’s a lot of work keeping them alive in this 90 degree heat. I’m hoping for a break today since it’s overcast and cool this morning. 🙂 Love your zinnias. (mine are scraggly)


    • Margaret, we’ve had some hot days, but we’ve also had enough rain to keep all the flowers growing. The zinnias were a gift from my niece which is why I believe they are still growing. On my own, I usually kill zinnias.


  3. Such pretty pictures of your flowers! After the hellish winter you had, I’m sure the warmth and color of summer are a welcome relief.


    • J, they are a relief, indeed. While I tried not to complain during that ridiculous winter, I’m sure that I did. So as recompense for such whiney behavior, I’m focusing on these colorful flowers. 🙂


  4. Beautiful! Our own yard doesn’t have too many flowers these days, and certainly not the color to compete with yours! (On the other hand, I would venture that my living room floor tends to have more color than yours. Legos bloom year-round in my home.)


    • alejna, made me smile with that one. At least with Legos you have color around you all the time. With our flowers, they insist on blooming only in the summer. So fussy.


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