More Linky Love For Eggheads: Eat, Drink & Be Merry Edition

NOT MUCH GOING ON HERE TO TELL you about, my gentle readers.  It’s that time in August when everyone who I know is:

  • preparing for back-to-school;  &/OR
  • taking a last-minute vacay before Labor Day;  &/OR
  • hiding inside an air-conditioned building in a futile attempt to avoid ragweed, chenopods and nettle pollen*.

SO INSTEAD OF TWISTING MYSELF INTO KNOTS about not having anything to write about [or anyone around to read what I write], I’m going to share the following fun + informative links with you.

LIKE PIGS WHO FLY I SHALL RETURN in a week or two, presuming something blog-worthy happens in my life.  Until then, enjoy!

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::  Wishing you knew a way to open that darned wine bottle when you are without a corkscrew, but have your shoes?  Go here.

Filed under: “Things To Try… Maybe.”

::  Ever think that there might be a better, more scientific, way to go about cutting a birthday cake?  Go here.

I’m telling ‘ya, you’re doing it wrong.

::  Do you dislike pitchers of warm beer yet lack a simple way to keep the pitcher cold?  Go here.

Now this one seems useful.

::  Looking for ways to make all your pie crusts look pretty?  Go here.

Loving every one of them.

::  Thinking that an expertly mixed martini is what you need right now?  Go here.

Not bad: handsome man, perfect drink.

::  In the mood for a Jell-O ice cream pie prepared by Johnny Carson in 1957?  Go here.

None for me, thanks.

::  Ever wonder if there’s a more difficult, yet mathematically equal, way to slice a bagel in two?  Go here.

Cute, but too tricky for me.

* Find out what pollen is ruining your summer fun at

18 thoughts on “More Linky Love For Eggheads: Eat, Drink & Be Merry Edition

  1. (Gotta love that flying piggy)
    Still hiding from heat/humidity/ a cloud of African dust that is arriving….besides the road construction on the only way out is ‘waaay to much trouble right now.
    Links galore to create some giggles – thanks


    • philmouse, I’m in a similar situation vis-à-vis weather & road construction. Not being able to get out and about easily, I figured I might as well surf the web– and share my findings with you. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Firewall doesn’t let me use the links – will look at it when I get to a hotel wireless system. Will help me feel closer to home. Thanks once again, My Dearest Bean.


  3. I’m in the hiding inside from the pollen group, but it doesn’t seem to be working. The pollen is finding me!

    Fun linkys. I’d settle for edible pie crusts. As far as pretty goes, I do best with cut outs. I’m a total failure at scallops.
    How do you toast the mobius strip bagel?
    It was fun to see Johnny Carson’s commercial. They ought to go back to having talk show hosts do those little demonstrations. Makes me think of vitametavegamin.


    • Zazzy, I know what you mean. The pollen has found me– for days now. I’ve never tried cut outs on a pie crust, but I will the next time I bake a pie. [Please do not hold your breath on that one.] I agree about the hosts doing those commercial demonstration things again. That’d be entertaining. How do we get that idea started?


    • robin, glad that you enjoyed the links. I never set out to find these things, but when I do I feel like I need to share them. Eggheads of the World Unite. 😉


  4. Not to nitpick your Video Bartender, but I have to have the martini glass. Why bother with a martini if you can’t have That Glass? I’m all about Style.


    • nance, you raise a valid point. Sorry that the bartender video didn’t live up to your high style standards. Mea culpa for including it here.

      Why not go have a martini? I suspect that you’ll feel better about things afterwards. 🙂


  5. I have never (before today) heard of chenopods. And now I’ve heard of them TWICE. First on the news, right after Ragweed. And now here.

    Loved the wine opening trick. Definitely a keeper for the toolbox of tricks. And the cake cutting was interesting . . . for those who expect to have “leftover cake.”


    • Margaret, I can only watch as friends/family get ready for going back to school. I see the stress, so I’m happy to know that the links on this post bring a bit of joy. Plus it was about the only thing that I could dream up to write about.


  6. Up north it’s finally warmed up (although I suspect I won’t get any ripe tomatoes this year…), so I’ve been spending every non-rainy day trying to get outside. These links were great– and reminded me of this new (and mind-blowing!) trick I just learned for cutting grapes in half:
    I don’t have kids, so I’ll probably not need to apply this, but I’m still wowed by the simple genius!


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