Of Writing Prompts & Morning Walks

Here’s a fact about me: I read my horoscope once in a while, but not for the reasons that you might imagine.

No, I read my horoscope to get writing prompts.

On the days when I read my daily horoscope, I save the ones that I think will challenge me to think about my life in a new way.  Then on a future day when I cannot think of what to say, I peruse my horoscopes and use one as a way to start writing.

• • •

To wit, here’s a horoscope from who knows when that got me thinking over the weekend.

Use your energy wisely to work with the natural currents instead of trying to control them. It’s not your job to eliminate the clouds; the sky will clear on its own.

• • •

What did I get thinking?  I decided that even though I’ve almost always been a morning blogger, I’m going to change my posting schedule to the afternoon for the month of March.

You see, I’d like to use my energy in a different way.  I want to go for a walk outside each day, and mornings around here have the least amount of vehicle traffic.  [No sidewalks here.]

• • •

So instead of plopping down in front of my computer, typing my morning away– I’m going to be propelling myself out the front door, trudging my morning away.

Which means that you, my gentle readers, will just have to wait until I’m done being healthy each morning, and [hopefully] regain enough energy thereafter to sit down and pursue my passion for flapdoodle and twaddle write my blog posts.

Guess we’ll see how this all works out together, won’t we?

14 thoughts on “Of Writing Prompts & Morning Walks

    • Zen-Den, now that the snow is melting I can do a daily walk again. It’s been a long winter inside.

      As for readers being here, well… I tried posting in the afternoon for one month a few years ago & lost readership. When I went back to early morning posts, the lost readers came back. So we’ll see what happens this time.


  1. It shouldn’t affect your readership. For morning readers, they’ll probably read the next morning. Then again, what do I know. I just love twaddle and flapdoodle.


    • Kate, always happy to find another flapdoodle and twaddle aficionado! The numbers will tell about my readership, which makes this experiment intriguing to me. What will be, will be, eh?

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  2. I don’t read until after work anyway, but I am several hours earlier than you, so…I’ll still be around whenever. A morning walk will be something that I’ll do in retirement when I don’t have to fight the dark.


    • Margaret, I usually walk in the afternoons, but I thought that I needed to try something different to see if I liked it better. I dunno. Time will tell.


  3. Be sure to take your camera on your walks! I love your perspective on the world around you. And with spring coming, there should be lots of beautiful things to see:) I’ll read your blog no matter what my friend!


    • Beth, good idea about the camera. Especially if I go trudging around some of our parks. And thanks for deciding to read this blog, regardless of when it appears in your mailbox. 😉


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