Fred the Monkey & Sandrine the Bear’s Fun Afternoon

[The following story is my entry in evilsquirrel13’s The Second Annual Contest of Whatever.  Please enjoy!] 

Fred the Monkey & Sandrine the Bear’s Fun Afternoon

~ • ~

Fred the Monkey was bored.


All day it had snowed outside while he was stuck inside Grandpa Aloha and Grandma Mahalo’s house.  He wanted someone to play with, so he asked them if he could call Sandrine the Bear and invite her over to play games.

Grandpa and Grandma said that it was okay.


Sandrine arrived at the front door wrapped in her mother’s scarf.  She looked pretty and was warm.  Sandrine was ready to have fun.


Fred suggested that they play an easy game first.  He found Grandma Mahalo’s Tic-Tac-Toe game and the friends started to play it.


Because Sandrine was his guest, Fred let her go first.  She was “X.”


Fred was “O.”


Grandpa Aloha looked on as they played.  He loved to watch the kids goof-off just like he did growing up in Hawaii.

Suddenly, he realized that down in the basement there might be his favorite game for the kids to play.  He went downstairs and searched.


When Fred and Sandrine saw what Grandpa Aloha had found for them to play, they were delighted.  Grandpa’s favorite old-time game was Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots.


Sandrine got to pick her side first.  She was “Red Rocker.”


Fred was “Blue Bomber.”


But after many exciting rounds of the game, both monkey and bear were ready for a snack.  They’d had enough fun punching each other.

Fortunately, Grandma Mahalo was more than happy to make them some tea and serve it with cookies.


Then it was time for Sandrine to go home, but the friends decided to do one last silly thing before she left.  They took a selfie with Buddha so that they’d have a photo to remind them of their fun afternoon playing games together.


~ The End ~

39 thoughts on “Fred the Monkey & Sandrine the Bear’s Fun Afternoon

    • Satin Sheet Diva, yes, you’ve nailed it. Cabin fever + a natural inclination to wackiness can do things to one’s mental state, especially when there’s a contest involved. Must. Win. Prize.


    • draliman, happy that you liked the story. The wooden game looks nice sitting on the coffee table and makes for some impromptu fun. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  1. This is so great!! Kids would love this story. It’s simple, to the point, and includes everything a young reader needs: cute characters, games and food! Love, love,love the pictures!


    • Carrie, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots is a game that’s been around since the ’60s! If you missed it, I’m sorry. Each player uses the 2 buttons in front of him to make his robot punch the other one, until one robot’s head pops up. It’s ridiculously fun to play… at any age.


    • philmouse, I hadn’t thought ahead to the inevitable movie, but you’re so right. Casting will be a nightmare. Suppose we can get Jennifer Lawrence to play Sandrine? With her on board the rest will fall into place.


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  3. My goodness, it looks like everyone had fun! I am going to remember this on the next day we’re snowed in. (My daughter has precious ones just like this. She sent me a picture of one of them all packed up to fly to Oregon a couple weeks ago. ) Hope you’re having a playful weekend, Ally Bean!


    • Kathy, I enjoyed creating this story for the contest. It took more time than I imagined that it would, but there wasn’t much else going on around here so it filled my hours with something “practical” to do! Thanks for stopping by. Always good to hear from you.


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