Morning Calm Disturbed, Questions Raised

The Incident Described. 

Me at 6:15 a.m.  Ambient lighting on in kitchen.  Coffee brewed.  Mug in right hand.  Sitting at kitchen counter.  Left elbow on counter to provide support for head.  Eyes closed.  Thinking about a popular saying* and its applicability to the life of a writer.

Husband enters room.  I mumble something akin to “good morning.”  But husband, who is always too awake in the morning, decides to revert to his 8-year-old self, slobber on his finger, then put his finger up my nose.  Leading to the following:

  • me wide awake;
  • me wiggling out of his reach;
  • me laughing;  and
  • me wondering about something.

The Questions Raised. 

After the above incident, the focus of our subsequent early morning conversation was on defining exactly what makes up a wet willy.  Keeping in mind that this is a PG13 blog, I ask you:

What do you call a slobbery finger up the nose?  A wet willy?  Or something else entirely?

The Asterisk Explained.

The saying I was thinking about, taken from medicine, was: when you hear hoofbeats, think horses not zebras.”  In other words, go with the obvious diagnosis/explanation.  Or as applied to this particular post, go with the most recent event in your life, even if it is devoid of profundity and seems a bit silly!

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24 thoughts on “Morning Calm Disturbed, Questions Raised”

    1. evilsquirrel13, gross is a good description. I agree.

      I never think of unicorns moving fast enough for them to make a hoofbeat sound. I always figured that they flew more often than they walked.

      But what do I know? I’m still reeling from my morning.


        Sorry for yelling…I got a little worked up there. A winged horse is a Pegasus.


    1. Kate, you bring up a good point. I laughed because somehow it made me feel like a kid again… if only for a few seconds. Strange response, maybe. But we’ve known each other forever and his stupidness took me back in time.

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    1. Carrie, obviously you’re rearing your children right if they don’t know to do this. Somehow or other, Zen-Den, who is generally a perfectly lovely human being, figured this out. Hasn’t annoyed me with it in years. Hoping that it’s years until he tries it again.


  1. Zen Den doing something prankish like that?—–NEVER!! Ha! Now you have to think of a comeback:) Boys never do grow up. They just live their lives out in mens’ bodies.
    I’ve always remembered hearing the beating of hooves as cats running up and down the stairs.


    1. Beth, no truer words! There’s always that boy there somewhere.

      You’re right. Our cats made hoof-y sounds when they ran around inside the house. So the saying should be: when you hear hoofbeats, think kitties not zebras. 😉


    1. Andra, really? Maybe it’s regional. When you’re in elementary school, it’s lots of fun if you’re the giver of the wet willy, but very annoying if you’re the recipient of a wet willy. As you can well imagine!


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