Morning Calm Disturbed, Questions Raised

The Incident Described. 

Me at 6:15 a.m.  Ambient lighting on in kitchen.  Coffee brewed.  Mug in right hand.  Sitting at kitchen counter.  Left elbow on counter to provide support for head.  Eyes closed.  Thinking about a popular saying* and its applicability to the life of a writer.

Husband enters room.  I mumble something akin to “good morning.”  But husband, who is always too awake in the morning, decides to revert to his 8-year-old self, slobber on his finger, then put his finger up my nose.  Leading to the following:

  • me wide awake;
  • me wiggling out of his reach;
  • me laughing;  and
  • me wondering about something.

The Questions Raised. 

After the above incident, the focus of our subsequent early morning conversation was on defining exactly what makes up a wet willy.  Keeping in mind that this is a PG13 blog, I ask you:

What do you call a slobbery finger up the nose?  A wet willy?  Or something else entirely?

The Asterisk Explained.

The saying I was thinking about, taken from medicine, was: when you hear hoofbeats, think horses not zebras.”  In other words, go with the obvious diagnosis/explanation.  Or as applied to this particular post, go with the most recent event in your life, even if it is devoid of profundity and seems a bit silly!

24 thoughts on “Morning Calm Disturbed, Questions Raised

  1. Zen Den doing something prankish like that?—–NEVER!! Ha! Now you have to think of a comeback:) Boys never do grow up. They just live their lives out in mens’ bodies.
    I’ve always remembered hearing the beating of hooves as cats running up and down the stairs.


    • Beth, no truer words! There’s always that boy there somewhere.

      You’re right. Our cats made hoof-y sounds when they ran around inside the house. So the saying should be: when you hear hoofbeats, think kitties not zebras. 😉


    • Andra, really? Maybe it’s regional. When you’re in elementary school, it’s lots of fun if you’re the giver of the wet willy, but very annoying if you’re the recipient of a wet willy. As you can well imagine!


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