The One About Kismet & Guidelines For A Contented Life


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OVER THE YEARS, like most introspective people who I know, I’ve adopted all sorts of different versions of what I call the rules of life.

And sometimes babbled about them on this blog.

WHILE I LIKE my rules of life and feel that they apply in general, I’m self-aware enough to know that I need something visual + succinct to encourage me to face each day with quiet resolve.

That’s where I believe practical guidance comes into the picture. 

LATELY I’VE BEEN following the ideas that you see in the above photo;  I call them guidelines for a contented life.  I don’t know who wrote them, but when I first read them while browsing in T.J. Maxx, a discount store that I rarely go into, I liked them.

Now I ask you, what could be better than stumbling upon inspiration on sale?!

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16 thoughts on “The One About Kismet & Guidelines For A Contented Life”

  1. I like these, except the not whining part. I consider it venting and do it periodically. (hope not too much) I’m a positive and caring person and not despondent most of the time, but I wouldn’t consider myself sunny natured. 🙂


    1. Margaret, I like your assessment of yourself. I’m like you in that I’m not an up with people person, but overall I’m content and kind. You can have a pass on the whining part. Learning to adapt ideas so that they work for you is a-ok by me. 🙂


  2. I should probably post a copy of that in my cubicle and refresh myself with the rules before I start my day to save me stress, grief and angst. Thanks for posting it.


  3. These are great “rules” for life. I love each one of them, except of course the whining. I think I’ve done some of that over the last couple of years when life just seems to be overwhelming. And lots of things are thrown at me at once. But I try not to whine too much to other people; just my husband–a lot! He’s the very optimistic one. Laughing out loud is the best rule. We must do that every day!


    1. Beth, I think that there’s a difference btwn talking through your problems vs actually whining about them. One gets you to a decision, the other just belabors the unfairness of things. And I agree that laughing out loud each day is the best. It’s easy to get caught up in the seriousness of life & forget to do that.


  4. I love stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s because they are always changing; you never know what you might find that is a good steal.

    Since my boys are grownups and have moved away, I like things like this art. I find small ones that are little Mom Nags, and I buy them as gifts. That way, I’m not THERE, but I’m there, you know?


    1. nance, I like the randomness of those stores, too. I love that you nag your boys in such a clever way. It’s delightfully, lovingly subversive. Good job, nance.


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