Fact: When The Research Is About Color The Time Is Not Wasted


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• The SOMETHING MUCH MORE INTERESTING was a spiffy 6-question online quiz by Glidden Paint, a company with which I have no personal experience.

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• I took the quiz so that I could learn what they refer to as: My Colors, My Life.

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• Then I was able to pick one of my colors and the system generated a balanced, beautiful color scheme based on that one color.

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• If you, too, are facing a dull task and looking for something more interesting to do, may I humbly direct you to the Glidden Colortopia Quiz.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 6.39.23 PM

• As the above images show, the results, created for quirky little you, are inspiring.  And dare I say, they could change your life!

21 thoughts on “Fact: When The Research Is About Color The Time Is Not Wasted

  1. This is why it takes me so long to post. Doing research is so time consuming. You find all these fabulous things that you just have to check out. Before you know it, you forget what your research topic was about. You have probably booked my afternoon!


  2. Now if they’d only create a computerized robot to show up all ready to go with all materials and the color you selected (with their guidance) and neatly paint and clean up and leave quickly (without destroying something you just had done recently)….Oh, well, after they left they would probably refuse to let us back inside to live there and mess up their site. Humans back in caves and robots in nice neat freshly painted houses?
    (I did see this last weekend while at the paint store getting stain for quarter round…just looking as research…no plans for future projects…although the floor quys did bang up the wall…and if you try to touch up one spot, you know how it goes…might as well paint the whole wall…and then the one next to it….research. You never know)
    Fun post!


    • philmouse, you make a good point. Pretty as these colors are, this info doesn’t explain how to get these colors on your walls. Without hassle. And to me, a robot painter, probably Siri’s second cousin on her mother’s side, would be hassle.


  3. Great post. I love all the color combinations. Remember all the color blocks I had to play with for art class? This brought back some fun memories. Thanks!


    • Beth, I’d forgotten all about your color blocks! They were all over our room– and you moving them around to create… whatever it was that you were creating. They were cool, for sure.


  4. I hate painting, so I would like a robot painter too. However, I do like finding out about my colors! That would have helped me remodel those three bathrooms. I’m heading over there right now. 🙂


    • Margaret, I think that anything that helps me decide what colors to use in a room is a blessing. Haven’t tackled our bathroom yet, but when I do this little line of colors is going to come in handy.


      • nance, other people have said the same thing; that is, the colors are all wrong for who they are. I found my colors to be spot on, so who knows? You don’t suppose it’s possible that this quiz is not as nuanced as one might hope? 😉


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