Pretty Flowers, Itchy Eyes

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I’m feeling tired this week.

No energy for writing posts– or doing much of anything else.

While I admit that it is pretty outside now, there’s too much pollen in the air for my liking.

My eyes itch.  My sinuses hurt.  And I’m grumpy.

So I’ll be taking some allergy meds to manage my symptoms and lying low for the next week or two.

Take care everyone.  See ‘ya later.

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Twitter, Why Doth Thou Thwart Me So?

Alas and alack, I am saddened, dear Twitter, by thy inability to do what I want-eth you to do.  Did I not make-eth thee my friend and confidant, lo these many long months?

Yet thee insist-eth on thwarting my every move regarding my profile description. Thy refusal to do as I want-eth you to do regarding punctuation on said profile description bespeak-eth of your inclination to be with bug.  Here is what I desire-eth.

Yikes and away!  Whither thou go-eth my beloved punctuation?

Verily I beg of thee, thy social media giant, to put-eth back my punctuation where I want-eth it.  Not on the morrow, my liege, but on this very day.

Thanks be to thee, my provider of instant communication, for hearing the plea of thy humble user… BUT WAIT A MINUTE.  What. hath. thou. done. now?

Forsooth and anon, I shall look-eth upon thy service as something very optional in my life.  That is unless thy clean-eth up thy act and restore-eth my faith in thee, ye olde Twitter.  Only then, will-eth we be friends and confidants again, I say-eth unto thee on this fine day.

In Which The Hubster Scares The Bejeezus Out Of Me, Not Once, But Twice

[Subtitled: What Comes Around Goes Around, Dear]

•  Zen-Den and I worked outside in the yard this weekend.  We also cleaned the screens and put them into 20+ windows.  Then we washed and repainted portions of the screened-in porch.  In between doing all that, we shopped for deck and patio furniture in brick-&-mortar stores and online.

We were busy, and I was exhausted by bedtime.  So exhausted, in fact, that after I got ready for bed and sat down on the edge of our bed, I forgot to lie down to go to sleep.  Really.  I just sat there.

So Zen-Den, who was already in bed, said real sweetly: “Don’t you want to lie down now?  You’ll sleep better.”

My addled brain liked that idea so I just leaned over, eyes shut, ready to plop myself down on my comfy pillow.  But Mr. Shenanigans pulled my pillow away from my side of the bed just as my weary self went thunk.  And suddenly, realizing that something was very wrong, I bounced right out of bed– wide awake.

And what do I see?  The Hubster holding my pillow and laughing his fool head off.  Because it was just. that. funny. to him to see me go from dead tired to live wire in a nanosecond.

Oh, yea!  He’s a card… must be from St. Louis…

•  I slept in this morning— didn’t even hear the alarm go off.  It’s no big deal because today my schedule is very flexible– I’ll get to where I need to go when I get there.  And all will be well with the world.

However, Z-D must have gotten up very early– and on his way out the door he must have put a load of laundry into the washing machine.  Then not wanting to wake me, he must have started the machine using its timer function.  Meaning that one hour later the washer automatically turned itself on.

Or at least I’m hoping that is what he did… because no one left me a note telling me to expect a very loud machine with a tendency to clunk to start. working. spontaneously. when I was sitting in the soothing early morning quiet sipping my coffee.

Which it turns out I don’t need to help me wake up when a loud unidentified sound comes from the laundry room– and causes my system to produce enough adrenaline to keep me alert for– oh, I don’t know— years.

Thanks, honey.  You’re a dork peach.

Scattered Hither And Yon

“God is in the details.” ~ Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

I’m an organized person, but I am not a tidy person.  There is a difference.  The reality is that I know what I need to do to make things look tidy– and when my heart is in it, I can get things looking pretty darned spiffy.  If I do say so myself.

However, this past weekend when I attempted to get some of the more {how shall I say this?} egregious messes in our house under control, the Fates were not on my side.

•  For instance, I knew what I needed to make the bookshelves in the TV room look great.  But the shelves are so shallow that almost no baskets or photo file boxes or office-style charging stations now available will fit on them.  Except for one lovely wooden desktop organizer from Ballard Designs… that isn’t available for shipping until April.


•  In the bathroom I had a very cute idea, gleaned from Pinterest, about how to make my make-up and other stuff look organized… but I need a tray of a specific size to make it happen.

So I tried Hobby Lobby, Meijer, Pottery Barn, Ikea, Crate & Barrel, Kroger, Kohl’s, Tuesday Morning & who knows how many places online. And here’s what I learned: that size of tray doesn’t seem to exist, rather like a unicorn.


•  Meanwhile in the un-bedroom, the project stalled over the size, style and cost of the frames I need to create a gallery wall behind the chairs.  The beautiful floral drapes from Pottery Barn dictate the color scheme in that room.

But now I can’t find any images to put into the theoretical, yet-to-be purchased frames that won’t fight with the drapes, while gracing the wall behind the stylish and comfy chairs… that we bought at Crate & Barrel just last winter.

*loud sigh*

•  And then there is my perennially not-so-tidy desk in our home office… where I shuffle little pieces of paper and catalogues and pens and file cards all over the place.  Never quite sure what to do with all the notes I make.  Never quite able to file things properly in file cabinets or in computer files. Always aware that my way of organizing, such as it is, would give Leo Babauta nightmares & David Allen fits.

*oh well*

All of which brings me to the following conclusions:

  1. Decorating a home is much more difficult than I once believed– and makes me understand why so many people don’t even try;
  2. I do not enjoy the process of making a house pretty, but know, from experience, that I will love living in it after it’s all finished;  and
  3. That when this home redecorating project is over I might never, ever change another thing in this house again.  Ever.

An Explanation Regarding The “Absurdities Of My Week” Post That Is No Longer Here– Absurdly

I went on a blogging binge this past week.  On Monday I decided that throughout the week I’d comment more on other people’s blogs… that I’d write and publish more posts on my blog…  that I’d tweet more on twitter… that I’d be a SOCIAL MEDIA BUTTERFLY.

I started out strong– connecting, linking, making myself visible to the world, but by Friday afternoon my blogging mojo was waning.  Still I pressed on thinking that I’d write just one more post about some of the absurdity in my week.

*bad idea*

And that’s when the absurdity of all absurdities happened.  For reasons I cannot explain, but suspect that I caused (somehow), WordPress published my post before I’d finished writing it.  Then WP, for reasons unbeknownst to me, would not let me edit/finish writing my post.

So I deleted my post, thinking that I had a back-up copy in my files.  But I didn’t have a copy… and it was late Friday afternoon… so I GAVE UP on writing anything and wandered away from the blogosphere.


Little did I know that my half-finished, now deleted, post was winging its way to all of you who receive this blog via email.  And that part of the post was showing up on RSS feeds everywhere.

And that many of my gentle readers (new and old) would become concerned that something was wrong with my blog and would take it upon themselves to contact me to tell me that there was something wrong with my blog.  That a post was missing.  And to make it come back because THEY WANTED TO READ IT.  Right now.

*oh dear*

Having said all the foregoing (in a rather wordy fashion), here is what I’ve concluded:

Whatever The Day May Bring Us

The other afternoon I was at home writing and listening to a classical music radio station while waiting for Dave, the man from the chimney/roofing repair company, to arrive.  Dave has been to the house before so I knew who to expect and that he’d find a solution to our latest homeowner problem.

He showed up on time and started by looking at our water/mud mess in the basement.  Then he and his camera went up on the roof to figure out what was happening up there to cause the mess.  It didn’t take long for him to determine that the builder had once again skimped on something important.

[Details of problem for those who care about such things.  Chimney cap not installed with proper horizontal support.  Hot water exhaust pipe, which goes up inside of the chimney, not surrounded by proper gasket where it intersects with chimney cap.  Result: water doesn’t roll off top of chimney cap.  Instead, water forms a 2″ deep puddle on top of chimney cap and then slowly drips down leak around the exhaust pipe into inside of chimney.  Along the way to the basement water rots first floor sub-flooring under fireplace and creates a gentle steam down the basement concrete walls into the adjacent floor drain.]  

So Dave got down off the roof and knocked on the door.  He put on his standard issue contractor-inside-your-house paper booties, and stepped into the foyer to show me photos of this year’s month’s week’s problem.  He explained to me how the problem could be repaired.  And then he told me to expect an estimate in the mail in about 2 days.

Very standard.

But what made this visit different– and almost got me to the point of giggles— was that while Dave was talking with me the classical radio station was playing The Blue Danube Waltz.  Just float-y, water-y, swoosh-y music drifting into the foyer from the radio in the next room.

I don’t think that the music registered with Dave at all, but to me it was very fitting and funny.  I ask you, could there be any more perfect background music for a discussion about water running down the inside of your chimney into the basement and then flowing toward the drain?  Me thinks not.

Well played, Universe.  I bow to your sense of the absurd.


~ as a way of including The Blue Danube Waltz in this post, and for your entertainment, I leave you with this video ~


Five Senses Friday

~ ~ • ~ ~


rather calm considering that:

there are half-finished drapes hanging on the kitchen windows… the house is three-fourths decorated for Christmas… I haven’t begun to figure out what to serve at a party we’re having in two weeks… the handyman guy for the leaky bathroom window is dragging his feet while tightly clutching our money and not doing the repairs… we have a huge muddy mess in our basement where there is a crack in the chimney foundation or a leak in the chimney cap [or both I suppose]… and we have now hired some company to fix our foundation/chimney/cap mess before winter sets in.


the sound of the [new] furnace blower as it keeps our house warm


freshly brewed black coffee


strewn in front of my computer on my desk:

clipboards – white paper printed with info – small yellow legal paper scribbled with ideas – one blue pen – one book – many pink & blue 3×5″ index cards – dust


not much of anything because allergies have my nose stuffed up

~ ~ • ~ ~

{This wonderful idea is from abby try again.   If you wish, you may play along in the comments below or on your own blog.}