New Windows & Doors In The Time Of Political Angst

Photo of old leaky window with bad attitude leaning against garage on the way out of my life. Buh bye.

Why not add some more stress to election week, I said to myself.

Then, looking up from my date book, I said “yes” to the sales representative sitting across our kitchen table from me.

Therein I agreed to be here at the house this week so that we could have new windows and doors installed.

Windows on second floor, doors on first floor.

Naturally when I told Zen-Den, Esq, about when all this was going to happen, he mentioned that he’d be out of town on work this week.

On the other side of the country.  In southern California.

Photo in which I cannot get the lighting right, but I promise it shows a new window. Gaze through the window upon the forest instead; it’s pretty out there.


This, however, did not stop me, intrepid homeowner and [nasty] woman with a purpose.

Nope, I went forward with the project, knowing as I do that winter is [global warming notwithstanding] around the corner.

And that I want leakless windows and airtight doors put on this house before it gets cold outside.

Thus I’ve been here this week, all by my ownsome, counterbalancing loud screechy construction noises [similar to those created by the cat in the video below] with political angst + existential outrage courtesy of the results of this presidential election.

Ain’t life a pip?

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37 thoughts on “New Windows & Doors In The Time Of Political Angst”

    1. Kate, that’s how I figured it, too. Experience chaos all at once, then take the weekend to put things back in place. At least the house can go back together again, as for the country… who knows?

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    1. lori, it has been a bittersweet sort of week. I’m all about “out with the old” when it’s no longer working, but to throw out all that the last 8 years have given this country makes me sad. And anxious.

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          1. I am keeping busy too with fun and some not so fun projects. I had my French doors refinished recently from sun and rain damage. Then I had a lovely Sunbrella exterior shade installed. It solved my problem, thank goodness!

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    1. bobcabkings, you’re right, of course. This window + door project has been a long time in coming, so it’s ironic that it finally happened this week. But thankfully it has kept me busy instead of fretting.

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  1. I’m not sure what’s worse, distraction or not having any. I’m in the latter state at present, and feeling frantic. But going for a drive and looking at all the campaign signs still out feels ill-advised and abusive.

    I hope those windows go in quickly. It’s terribly windy and cold in NEO today, at least. You must be freezing.

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    1. nance, I know how you feel about venturing out in the world. The Trump signs, which were everywhere, are still everywhere. Disheartening to say the least.

      And you are so right: IT’S COLD INSIDE THIS HOUSE which is to be expected, I realize, when windows and doors are replaced. BUT SO COLD…


  2. I feel ya. I think my body picked a great week to be sick, and to be flooded by Mother Nature. One fell swoop, I say. I have to call the furnace guy today, even though I have broken a nail and my coffee’s gone cold.

    I think it’s LOVELY that you’re getting new doors and windows and I hope that you recoup much expense in your well-insulated home. May you read your lower bills from the warmth of any room 🙂

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    1. joey, beautifully said. Here’s to lower utility bills in the future– and to me surviving this mess in the here-and-now.

      I hope that you’re feeling better today and will admit that I envy you a bit, being away from the news this week is a gift of sorts. What a debacle of an election this has been…

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        1. joey, so true. Had hoped to do this upgrade earlier in the fall, but now is good, too.

          I imagined you on the sofa, surrounded by pillows and blankets and mugs of tea, listening to soothing music, in a drugged haze courtesy of OTC meds. But of course you’ve got access to the news. *duh*

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    1. What a sweet thing to say! Me too, Zen-Den. You’re going to lurve the new doors, btw. The windows are nice, but insulated doors are wonderful. I just know it already.


  3. Hey Ally, we live near the SF airport and when we first bought our house they had passed an ordinance about noise abatement so the airport actually paid for us to have new doors and double paned windows. The day they did the installation my husband was in the hospital and I was visiting him so my mom and infant daughter stayed here bundled up in the cold while they worked. Good new is they did not get sick and the windows and doors really do keep out the noise and keep in the warmth! Enjoy your new portals.

    As for this recent extremely stressful day, that was the day they came to demolish the bathroom we are remodeling. Took it down to the studs, lots of pounding and removal of sink, tub and toilet. Wish I could have flushed the election results out!

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    1. Janet, so you’ve been through this, too! What a story. We had our front door replaced about 5 years ago, but that was easy in that the workmen were in one part of the house. With this project there are people and noises everywhere around me. And it’s cold. I do anticipate that we’re going to love these new improvements so I’m only whining a little bit about it all.

      I think the symbolism of having your bathroom taken down to the studs on election day is wonderful. Prophetic. I, too, am sorry you couldn’t flush the results away.

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    1. Thanks nancy. It’s supposed to be sunny and cool this weekend, so with new doors and windows I’ll be grooving on warmth and a clear view. Happy Weekend to you.


  4. Windows and doors…an oddly apt metaphor for my week. I managed a few somewhat ok moments after the DAY OF HORROR…like waning autumn sunlight through the window…you take what you can get, right? But most of the time I wanted to slam the door shut (and then SLAM it again for extra measure) and not go out.

    But hey, stopping by here is always a good thing! 😊

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    1. Nancy, I can relate to the door slamming! I spent most of this week feeling exhausted. Btwn the election defeat & installers traipsing through the house, I was sad & anxious. Now that it’s all over I’m beginning to feel calmer. Looking out of a clean new window helps a lot. 😉

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    1. philmouse, the new windows and the new French doors are stunning to look through [and at]. I have to admit that improvements like these, which have been planned forever, make me a bit happier than they should. Feel free to stop by and we’ll sing loudly and fiercely in deviance of the cold world in which we live.

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    1. Margaret, good point. Finished is wonderful and the doors are keeping the house warmer already. *yeah*

      Z-D came home on the 11th so maybe you were ships that passed in the night. Or suitcases that nudged on the conveyor belt. 😉


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