Charmed By Last Night’s Super-duper Supermoon


“May peace and love from the moon above flow through your heart on the wings of a dove.”

~ Grandma Penny Halliwell, Charmed


Zen-Den and I went out last night chasing the moon.

We drove around the area hoping to find a spot where I could photograph the super-duper supermoon juxtaposed against something on earth.

I thought it’d be cool to have a bit of perspective to show how huge the moon appeared to be to us human beings below.

We had no such luck finding a spot like that here in suburbia.  However, I did get this “Hey! Look up at the moon in the sky, isn’t it big?” photo.

Which seems like a pretty darned nice reward for our efforts.

Anyone else go chasing the moon last night?
Or perhaps, you, my gentle readers, decided to stay home and howl at it instead!

40 thoughts on “Charmed By Last Night’s Super-duper Supermoon

  1. My husband is the photo junkie. If it’s not a cat, I probably won’t make the effort. However, even he forgot about it. Technically we would have the same problem you do. From our yard too many trees obscure a complete shot although a good photographer may be able to do something tricky. Love your picture but the sounds of Dean Martin singing “when the moon hits your eyes….” keep playing in the background.

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    • Kate, that’s a perfect song for this photo! I wanted to get some sort of church or bridge or grove of trees in front of the moon, but it was not to be. So we sat in a church parking lot and I took a plain old moon photo.

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  2. I love your moon picture. I can’t ever get mine to come out with that orange glow. I have taken a picture of the full moon every month this year. It’s one of those things I told myself (and those few people who read my blog) that I was going to do…that and a monthly selfie. Anyway, this month I listened to my husband who told me the full moon was on Sunday, so that’s the picture I got. Last night I was selling at a craft fair and when we were done, although it was 10 PM, I was so excited about the $31 I made, I forgot to look at the true full moon. We live near the airport and I always try to catch my picture with a plane flying by but so far no luck. I have gotten a few cloud covered moons that are kinda cool. One more to go, maybe I’ll get my plane picture yet.

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    • Janet, well with a windfall like $31 burning a hole in your purse I can totally understand how you forgot to take a pic of the moon. Who wouldn’t? I do hope that someday you’ll be able to get a moon photo with a plane in it. That’d be cool.

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  3. Very cool moon picture. Your camera takes excellent photos! I saw the beautiful sight on my way to band practice last night. Isn’t it amazing how big it seemed? And how lucky are we to be able to witness such beauty?


    • Margaret, usually it’s too cloudy here when something spectacular happens in the sky, but this one time I got to see what was going on. However, in lieu of seeing the moon what you did sounds charming, too.


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